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Lynda Carter : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Wonder Woman)

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Lynda Carter - Biography

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) in Wonder Woman

Photos Lynda Carter Nom de naissance : Linda Jean Cordoba Carter
Date de naissance : 1951/07/24 (66 years old)
Birth place : Phoenix (Arizona, USA)
Taille : 1.75 m

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Biography for Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter (born Lynda Jean Córdoba Carter on 24 July 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona) is an American actress. She is best known as the star of the 1970s fantasy adventure TV series, Wonder Woman.

Carter grew up an avid reader of the Wonder Woman comic books. She went to Arcadia High School in Phoenix, then to Arizona State University, but after being voted the most talented student she dropped out in order to pursue a career in music. She toured as a singer with several rock groups before returning to Arizona in 1972.

She entered a local beauty contest, and achieved her first national fame by winning Miss World U.S.A. in 1972, representing Arizona. After taking acting classes at several New York acting schools, she began making guest appearances on T.V. shows such as Starsky and Hutch, Cos, and Nakia. However, her acting career did not take off until 1975, when she landed her starring role in the Wonder Woman television series.

Her earnest performance as the scantily clad superhero endeared her to fans and critics, and the series lasted for three seasons. Thirty years after first taking on the role, Carter continues to be closely identified with Wonder Woman, and is so identified with the role, that it proved difficult for movie producers to find a suitable candidate to play the character in subsequent aborted productions (work on the most recent attempt was announced in 2005).

Carter's other credits include the title role in a 1983 biopic of Rita Hayworth, and a variety of television specials. She also starred in a couple of short-lived TV series. During the 1970s and 1980s she also recorded several albums and made numerous guest appearances on variety television programs in a musical capacity during this time.

Carter has been married twice. Her first was to her former agent, Hollywood producer and manager Ron Samuels on 28 May 1977. They were divorced in 1982. The second marriage was to lawyer Robert Altman (not to be confused with the filmmaker of the same name) on 29 January 1984.

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