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Ricardo Montalban : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Fantasy Island)

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Ricardo Montalban - Biography

Mr. Roarke in Fantasy Island

Photos Ricardo Montalban Nom de naissance : Ricardo Montalban
Date de naissance : 1920/11/25
Date of death : 2009/01/14 (89 years old)
Birth place : Mexico City (Mexique)
Taille : 1.83 m

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Biography for Ricardo Montalban

For several years this tall, dark, and handsome Mexican matinee idol vied with Fernando Lamas for the position of MGM's resident "Latin lover" (we're still not sure who won). A stage-trained actor who appeared on Broadway, in Mexican films (beginning in 1942), and even in some U.S.made "soundies" (including He's a Latin from Staten Island) before signing with Metro in 1948, Montalban was a charming leading man, often in musicals, but was even more effective when he made the transition to character parts, particularly in Sayonara (1957, as a famous Kabuki actor) and Cheyenne Autumn (1964, as the Indian Little Wolf). He again played a Native American-this time a chief of the Sioux tribe-in the TV miniseries "How the West Was Won" (1976) and earned an Emmy for his performance. In 1982 the Star Trek team remembered his forceful performance in an episode of the series ("Space Seed") that aired fifteen years earlier, and fashioned Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan around that character's villainy. All of this was obscured by the actor's great success as ringleader of the popular "Fantasy Island" TV series (1978-84), in which he played the ubiquitous Mr. Roarke. He has remained active in episodic TV, telefilms, and even commercials (in which he memorably sold cars outfitted in "rich Corinthian leather"). He published his autobiography, "Reflection: A Life in Two Worlds," in 1980.

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