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Henry Winkler - Trivia


. Graduate of Emerson College.

. Grew up in New York City and upstate in family's country home on Lake Mahopac, NY.

. Has 3 children - Stepson, Jed Weitzman; Daughter, Zoe Emily Winkler (b. 1981); Son, Max Winkler (b. 1984)

. His parents are German Holocaust survivors.

. While making a documentary about dyslexia, Winkler himself found that he was dyslexic.

. Cousin of Richard Belzer.

. Was rehearsing lines with John Ritter before John collapsed and died.

. Is the godfather of Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of his former "Happy Days" (1974) co-star Ron Howard.

. He studied drama at Emerson College in Boston and earned a master's degree at the Yale School of Drama.

. The motorcycle he rode on "Happy Days" (1974) was the same motorcycle Steve McQueen rode in the famous motorcycle scenes in The Great Escape (1963).


. "Thank you for listening to me... my parents never did." -- Austin College (TX) commencement address, 5/19/02

. "I don't always keep my cool like The Fonz, but my love for my kids has given me plenty of 'Happy Days'."

. I started my career in kindergarten playing a tube of tooth paste in a hygiene play.

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