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The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy Dates : 1981 - 1986
113 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 19 Septembre 1982
Creator(s) : Glen A.Larson
Producer(s) : Glen A.Larson
Music : Ken Heller, Glen A. Larson, Stu Phillips et Morton Stevens ; chanson interprété par Lee Majors
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Colt Seavers is a stuntman, who when he is in a financial crunch, works as a bounty hunter. He is aided by his cousin Howie, who has gone to practically every college and studied every course for a semester, and his protoge Jody. He also helps friends who are framed or being threatened by criminals. He was working for Samantha Jack in the first season, the next season, Terri Michaels became Colt's new boss; she would be there for three seasons, the last season Colt got his jobs either from Pearl Sperling or Edmund Trench.

The Actors

Lee Majors - Colt Seavers

Lee Majors

(Colt Seavers)

Douglas Barr - Howard Munson

Douglas Barr

(Howard Munson)

Heather Thomas - Jody Banks

Heather Thomas

(Jody Banks)

Markie Post - Terri Michaels

Markie Post

(Terri Michaels)

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