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The streets of San Francisco : Synopsis, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Filming Locations

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The streets of San Francisco

The streets of San Francisco Dates : 1972 - 1977
121 episodes of 47 min
First broadcasting : 12 Octobre 1974
Creator(s) : Quinn Martin
Producer(s) : Aaron Spelling et Quinn Martin
Music : Patrick Williams
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A pair of plainclothes homicide detectives, Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller, cruise the streets of San Francisco solving a variety of crimes, usually involving murder. Stone is the street-smart 20-year veteran cop, and Keller is the college-educated rookie. Much of the series' success was due to the friendly by-play and relationship between the two leads.

The Actors

Michael Douglas - Steve Keller

Michael Douglas

(Steve Keller)

Karl Malden - Mike Stone

Karl Malden

(Mike Stone)

Richard Hatch - Dan Robbins

Richard Hatch

(Dan Robbins)

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