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Roseanne - Trivia

. In the first episode featuring David Healy, he is introduced as Kevin Healy. However, in the episode "Everyone Comes to Jackie's", Roseanne says (speaking of Darlene's control over David), "David isn't even his real name - she just made that up!" On another episode, Darlene and David are filling out their college applications in the car, and Darlene points out that David left the space for his middle name blank. He admits that his middle name is Maurice.

. Shelley Winters plays Estelle Parsons' mother in the show, but she is only seven years older in real life.

. Featured the first same-sex kiss on American network television.

. Even though Sal Barone played D.J. in only the first episode, his name continued to appear in the credits for most of the first season.

. All the exterior shots going to and coming from commercial breaks are shots of various city streets and buildings in Evansville, IN. This is where Matt Williams, the executive producer, attended college.

. DJ stands for David Jacob

. Alicia Goranson's request to wear her hair shorter as Becky was originally turned down by the producers. Goranson took her case to Roseanne, who solved the issue by taking up a pair of scissors and hacking Goranson's hair short then and there.

. Sometimes, posters for the comic book "The Sandman" can be seen in Darlene's bedroom. These were suggested by then-writer Joss Whedon.

. In "Homecoming" where Becky returns home, the fact that Becky was played by a different actor was actually joked about in the show. Roseanne says makes a comment that when she came back she barely recognized her. At the end, the Connors are watching an old episode of "Bewitched" (1964) and discussing switching Darrens, when Jackie says something like, "Well, they were a hit show, they could get away with anything". The new Becky says, "Well, I like the second Darren much better". (self-referencing the fact that she was Becky #2).

. The character 'Dan Conner' was ranked #13 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" (20 June 2004 issue).

. In Alicia Goranson's first episode after her absence, she's in the kitchen and Darlene comes in and says, "Where the hell have you been?", referring to her replacement by Sarah Chalke.

. [ Ok rank:1236 submissions:3246 ] [ Ok rank:63552 submissions:58 ] Not only did two actresses play Becky (Alicia Goranson and Sarah Chalke) but there were also two D.Js (Sal Barone and Michael Fishman), two actresses playing Dan's mother Audrey Conner (Ann Wedgeworth and Debbie Reynolds), three actors playing Crystal's son Lonnie (Josh C. Williams, Luke Edwards and Kristopher Kent Hill) and two actors playing DJ's best friend Todd (Troy Davidson and Adam Hendershott)

. 'Sara Gilbert' received story credit for the 1992 episode "Don't Make Me Over"; she was 17 at the time.

. "Corn" (the vegetable) is shown or mentioned in every episode. (usually creamed corn)

. "Corn" (the vegetable) is shown or mentioned in every episode. (usually canned corn)

. The Rooster shirt is in almost every episode. In one episode, each cast member ends up wearing the Rooster shirt. Even Andy.

. All three of Roseanne's husbands (Bill Pentland, Tom Arnold, and Ben Thomas) made at least one guest appearance on the show.

. The show's original title was "Life and Stuff".

. In "The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father", Crystal's blind date Donald asks Dan about the design of the Conner's kitchen. Dan says he didn't design it, and when asked who did, Dan responds, "Some guy named Garvin Eddy." Garvin Eddy is the production designer on a number of sitcoms, including this one.

. During the last four seasons of the show, recurring guest stars Johnny Galecki (David) and Glenn Quinn (Mark) actually appear in more episodes than their on-screen girlfriends/wives Sara Gilbert (Darlene) and Sarah Chalke/Lecy Goranson (Becky)

. Early during the first season, Roseanne frequently butted heads with the show's creator Matt Williams. Williams worked as the executive producer for the show's first thirteen episodes, but quit when Roseanne vehemently refused to say to her on-screen husband, "Well, you're my equal in bed, but that's it." Roseanne felt it was a line her character would never say.

. Although Alicia Goranson returned in the eight season to play Becky, Sarah Chalke, her replacement, still played Becky in some episodes that season. When Goranson left the show again at the end of the season, Chalke took on the role of Becky full time again.

. Sal Barone was originally cast as D.J. and appeared in the pilot. However, there was some friction on the set between Barone and Sara Gilbert so his mother took him off the show.

. George Clooney appeared in the first season, as Roseanne's boss at the factory where she worked.

. In the episode "Father's Day" Ed mentions that Dan's mother was eight months pregnant when Dan was three, meaning he has at least one sibling. A sister was referenced in one of the earlier episodes but never talked about again. The reference may have been cut out when the series went into syndication.

. Becky was born 15 March 1975.

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