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Marc Singer - Filmographie

Titre Rôle
Angel Blade (2002) Dr. Martin Gites
BeastMaster (1999) Serie TV Dartanus (2001-2002)
Determination of Death (2001) Reese Williams
LAPD: To Protect and to Serve (2001) (V) Sam Steele
The Young and the Restless (1973) Serie TV Chet (1999)
Lancelot: Guardian of Time (1997) Lancelot du Lac
Street Corner Justice (1996) Mike Justus
Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (1996) (TV) Dar
Droid Gunner (1995) Jack Ford
Victim of Desire (1995) Peter Starky
Savate (1994) Ziegfield Von Trotta
Silk Degrees (1994) Baker
Sea Wolf, The (1993) (TV) Johnson
Berlin Conspiracy, The (1992) Harry Spangler
Sweet Justice (1992) Steve Colton
Ultimate Desires (1992) Jonathan Sullivan
Dead Space (1991) Krieger
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) Dar
Deadly Game (1991) (TV) Jake Kellogg
Watchers II (1990) Paul Ferguson
Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (1990) (TV) Dan Turner
Body Chemistry (1990) Tom Redding
Man Called Sarge, A (1990) Von Kraut
In the Cold of the Night (1989) Ken Strom
High Desert Kill (1989) (TV) Brad Mueller
The Quest for Power (1988) Serie TV
Born to Race (1988) Kenny Landruff
Shades of Love: Indigo Autumn (1987) (TV) Bruce
Dallas (1978) Serie TV Matt Cantrell (1985-1986)
V (1984) Serie TV Mike Donovan
V: The Final Battle (1984) (mini) Serie TV Mike Donovan
Her Life as a Man (1984) (TV) Mark Rogers
V (1983) (TV) Mike Donovan
Beastmaster, The (1982) Dar
Paper Dolls (1982/I) (TV) Wesley Miles
If You Could See What I Hear (1982) Tom Sullivan
For Ladies Only (1981) (TV) Stan Novak
Contender, The (1980) (mini) Serie TV Johnny Captor
Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, The (1979) (TV) David Reynolds
Roots: The Next Generations (1979) (mini) Serie TV Andy Warner
Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air Force (1978) (TV) Jason Cole
Go Tell the Spartans (1978) Capt. Olivetti
Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue (1977) (mini) Serie TV Ross Savitch
Never Con a Killer (1977) (TV) Tim Donahue
Something for Joey (1977) (TV) John Cappelletti
Taming of the Shrew, The (1976) (TV) Petruchio
Journey from Darkness (1975) (TV) David Hartman
Things in Their Season (1974) (TV) Andy Gerlach
Columbo: Double Shock (1973) (TV) (uncredited) Young Doctor
Cyrano de Bergerac (1972) (TV) Christian de Neuvillette

Docteur Doogie Docteur Doogie

Cette série met en scène Douglas « Doogie » Howser, un adolescent surdoué, diplômé de médecine à l'âge de 14 ans, qui exerce à l'Eastman Medical Center de Los Angeles. Ma...

Ernie Reyes Jr Ernie Reyes Jr

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