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Antonio Fargas

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Tall, lanky & twinkle eyed African American actor with wonderful onscreen charisma has been appearing on stage and screen for nearly forty years. Fargas first appeared onscreen in Shirley Clarke's The Cool World (1964) in a gritty, uncompromising tale about African American youth growing up in Harlem, New York City, and then made his acting presence felt in many "blaxploitation" films of the early 1970s including private eye thriller, Shaft (1971), the mafia flick, Across 110th Street (1972), the ultra violent Foxy Brown (1974) & the classic tale of _Huckleberry Finn (1975)_ .


Around this time TV executives were looking for a capable actor to play the role of golden hearted, street informant "Huggy Bear" on "Starsky and Hutch" (1975), and Fargas scored the role for which he is most closely identified. His career continued to flourish after Starsky & Hutch wrapped up after four years, and he has appeared in over 50 movies to date, many TV shows and numerous stage productions including playing a 90 year old witch doctor in "The Great White Hope", Melvin van Peeble's "Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death", and productions of "The Rainmaker", "The Emperor Jones" & "Dream on Monkey Mountain". A strong advocate of the cultural strength & diversity of African American culture, Fargas holds positions on the boards of the Rhode Island's Langton Hughes Center for the Arts, and The Martin Luther King Center of Newport.


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