The Rookie Saison 5 Episode 19 Review: Un trou dans le monde

The Rookie Saison 5 Episode 19 Review: Un trou dans le monde

Blanca enfin obtenir justice dans l’épisode 19 de la saison 5 de Rookie

L’épisode 19 de la saison 5 de Rookie a enfin revisité le cas des sœurs de Celina et d’autres comme elle, qui offraient bon nombre des choses que nous aimons le plus dans la série. La continuité était au rendez-vous, car nous savions qu’ils ne se plongeraient pas dans la mort de la sœur de Celina s’ils n’avaient pas l’intention d’explorer et de trouver très probablement une solution en son sein. Et ils n’ont pas déçu.

La disparition de la jeune Olivia, ironiquement le jour de la disparition de la sœur de Celina, a été une affaire qui a déclenché le bal pour conclure ce qui équivalait à un tueur en série de plusieurs décennies. C’était la plus grande piste qu’ils aient eue sur l’affaire depuis un moment après le temps que Celina a passé à examiner les choses. Nolan a été avec elle tout au long du chemin, réussissant à lui filtrer les informations et à la faire rester concentrée et à ne pas trop s’attacher au point de brouiller son jugement.

Celina a finalement obtenu des réponses, mais cela n’a pas été facile. Il s’est avéré que Joel, un policier, était impliqué dans toute cette affaire. La révélation a été déroutante et déchirante pour Celina, car l’homme qui l’a inspirée à devenir officier en premier lieu était celui qui est à l’origine de la pire tragédie de sa vie.

Joel a émis de mauvaises vibrations dès leur rencontre, et Nolan a repris là où Celina ne pouvait pas. Il était trop facilement disposé à jeter les règles et les procédures de côté pour l’enquête, s’y insérant là où il n’appartenait pas afin qu’il puisse obtenir un saut d’information et justifier pourquoi son ADN serait sur les lieux. Il était assez transparent avec son comportement trop avide. Le truc de la chaussure était un cadeau mort, et cela montre à quel point Nolan est observateur qu’il l’a même remarqué.

Celina a été critique dans l’affaire, donnant une meilleure lecture de la situation et construisant davantage pour capturer Joel. Ce fut un moment important lorsqu’ils ont parlé à la mère de Celina et ont appris que, comme dans d’autres cas, elle avait rencontré Joel avant que sa fille ne disparaisse, et il l’a laissée tranquille pour sa consommation de drogue. Dans l’esprit de Joel, il sauvait ces enfants, enlevait ces filles, un peu comme sa fille qu’il avait perdue dans une bataille pour la garde, de parents terribles qui étaient trop consommés par la drogue pour être fiables. Mais le meurtre a dû intervenir lorsque les enfants ont été terrifiés par cet homme étrange qui les a enlevés à leurs parents, et ils ont agi comme n’importe quel enfant. Au moment où ils n’étaient pas assez reconnaissants qu’il les ait “sauvés” de leur mauvaise vie à la The latest episode of Rookie, “A Hole in the World,” revisited the case of Celina’s sisters and others like her, offering many of the things we love most about the series. And the continuity was on point. We knew they wouldn’t delve into Celina’s sister’s death if they didn’t intend to explore and likely find a solution within it. And they did not disappoint.

The disappearance of young Olivia, ironically on the anniversary of Celina’s sister’s disappearance, was the case that set off the chain of events to conclude what amounted to a decades-long serial killer. It was the biggest lead they had on the case in a while after Celina had spent time poring over things. Nolan was with her every step of the way, managing to filter information for her and keep her focused and not too attached to the point of clouding her judgement.

It didn’t take long for us to understand that the twist was that it was a cop involved in all of this. And once we met Joel, that solidified the case. There is nothing more confusing and heartbreaking for Celina than the man who inspired her to become an officer in the first place being the one behind the worst tragedy of her life. Almost instantly, Joel emitted bad vibes, and Nolan picked up where Celina couldn’t. He was too easily willing to cast aside rules and procedures for the investigation, inserting himself where he didn’t belong so he could get a jump on information and justify why his DNA would be at the scene. He was quite transparent with his overly eager behaviour. The shoe thing was a dead giveaway, and it shows how observant Nolan is that he even noticed it. When he arrived at the station for questioning, he was wearing something completely different.

The encounter between Harper and Joel was a great scene. Harper is so good at what she does, and she had the difficult task of trying to read Joel and gather information on him that became increasingly incriminating by the second while not letting him know that she was onto him.

It’s hard enough on an ordinary day with a suspect, but it was infinitely harder when he’s a colleague and he knows how these things work. They had to be so strategic with everything they did, making the situation slippery, and all the work they did investigating Joel was so engaging from start to finish. They couldn’t hold him without Joel knowing what was going on, although he still figured things out. And from there, it was about trying to stay ahead of him.

Drew was the perfect patsy. He was clearly a sex offender with issues that weren’t up to par due to the doll toy they found. But that made it easy for Joel as he planted Olivia’s rabbit toy there. Fortunately, they realized that Drew wasn’t responsible for Olivia’s disappearance despite Joel’s attempts to frame him. Harper was stuck on her belly; most of them were. Joel was slick. His divide and conquer method was clever in dividing the surveillance teams and then jumping on a bike. But even he couldn’t resist the combination of the team and Metro showing diligence.

Celina was critical in the case. She gave them a better read on the situation and could build more to capture Joel. It was a significant moment when they talked to Celina’s mother and learned that, as in other cases, she had met Joel before her daughter disappeared, and he left her alone for her drug use. In Joel’s mind, he was saving these children, taking these girls, much like his daughter whom he lost in a custody battle, from terrible parents who were too consumed with drugs to be reliable. But murder had to come in when the kids were terrified of this strange man who took them away from their parents, and they acted like any child would. By the time they The resolution of the case means that Celina and her mother have closure that they have been waiting for a long time, and it was beautiful to see Celina’s mother leave the house and visit Blanca’s grave for the first time since her death. The two women can work to mend fences and forgive each other, with Celina acknowledging that she no longer needs to feel Blanca to know that her sister is at peace now.

I feel for Bradford after this case. You could say that Metro takes a lot out of him. He barely remembers the days, and his schedule and Lucy’s are at odds. He was in his head several times trying to lead this investigation, and even though it seemed like he made the best calls in following Joel and not risking civilian lives to catch him, there is the second-guessing that he does that is concerning. And now he’s in his head about getting Joel out. It seriously hit him. It won’t be surprising if this is something that persists for him.

Meanwhile, Smitty, with all his fun antics, was apparently onto something about another detective potentially putting a damper on Lucy’s run at detective. She deserves it more than anyone and excels in this field. She has the support of Angela and Nyla, and she has proved herself time and time again. She is made for this, but it’s a shame that she could hit a roadblock in her career because of her five-card draw to get Tim into Metro. Not everyone appreciates someone else meddling in their career and trajectory, as frustrating as it may seem, it’s also understandable that it could cost her something. They wouldn’t bring this up if they didn’t intend to play further with it, so I look forward to this potential arc and its impact on Lucy. And as there was a very recent discussion about how these jobs could ruin relationships, it wouldn’t be surprising if their schedules and anything that could come from AI regarding the shooting put Chenford to the test. I have no doubt that they would overcome anything that challenges them, but it’s still a roller coaster ride that’s coming.

Grey: Hey, you know you had to shoot? Tim: I know. Grey; Just because he wanted to die doesn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous. Tim: I know. Grey: Can I do anything? Tim: Can I get back to you on that? Grey: Take your time.

To you, rookie fanatics. Did you enjoy the way they concluded Blanca’s murder case? Do you think there is an ominous tone in Tim or Chenford’s career? Sound off below. You can watch The Rookie online here via TV Fanatic.

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