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Barbara Bosson

Fay Furillo in Hill Street Blues, Celeste Stern in Hooperman

Photos Barbara Bosson Birth name: Barbara Bosson
Birth date: 1939/11/01 (83 years old)
Birth place : Charleroi, Pennsylvannie (USA)
Height: 1.70 m

French Traduire

Biography for Barbara Bosson

Barbara Bosson, who earned an Emmy Award nomination for her performance on "Murder One", was raised in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, a small coal-mining town about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh. When she was a teenager, she and her family moved to Florida, where she attended Boca Ciecga (cq) High School in St. Petersburg. After graduation, she was accepted into the Drama Department of Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh (now Carnegie Mellon). When Bosson learned the tuition would be too great a burden on her parents, she instead moved to New York. She supported herself in a variety of jobs -- secretary, television production assistant, Playboy Bunny, etc. -- while studying acting with Milton Katselas and Herbert Bergoff, and musical comedy with Word Baker. Six years later, Bosson reevaluated her prospects while working as a secretary for ACT (the American Conservatory Theater). She spoke frequently with various drama department heads, including Earl Gister, head of Carnegie Tech's Drama Department. Deciding it wasn't too late to pursue her dream, she asked Gister for an audition. He agreed. Bosson can't remember her audition, but it convinced Gister to place her in the school and to assist her in finding scholarship money. So, at 26, she became Carnegie Tech's oldest freshman. While attending Carnegie Tech, Bosson met her future husband, Steven Bochco (whom she would not marry until years later), and fellow "Hill Street Blues" stars Bruce Weitz and Charles Haid. On a summer break from Carnegie Tech, she landed a job in San Francisco with the improvisational group, The Committee. With Gister's blessing, she stayed with the group and performed with them for three years. Bosson is a five-time Emmy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series for her portrayal of Fay Furillo in the Emmy Award-winning series, "Hill Street Blues". An innovative cook, Bosson raises her own herbs and vegetables. She enjoys skiing, doing crossword puzzles and dancing. Bosson also hates dieting, which she has done unsuccessfully for 25 years. Bosson and Steven Bochco have two children and reside in Los Angeles.

Barbara Bosson who was nominated for the Emmy Award for his performance in "Murder One", grew up in Belle Vernon in Pennsylvannie, a small mining town that is around 30 miles south of Pittsburgh. When she and her family settled in Florida, where she frequented the Boca Ciecga High School in Saint Petersburg. After being spotted, it was accepted in the dramatist department of Pittsburgh Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon). When she learns that her instruction would be too much burden for her parents, she leaves to settle in New York. She occupied several jobs, secretary, production assistant for television, rabbit for Playboy etc, while studying the acting profession with Milton Katselas and Herbert Bergoff, and the musical with Word Baker. Six years later Barbara re -evaluated her prospects while working as secretary for the Act (The American Conservatory Theater). She spoke frequently with various officials of the playwright department, notably Earl Gister, head of Carnegie Drama Department. Deciding that it was not too late to continue his dream, she asked Gister a hearing. He was convinced. But Barbara cannot remember her hearing, she convinced gying to place her in a school and helping her to find money. Thus at the age of 26, she became the oldest student in Carnegie Tech's. While attending Carnegie Tech, she met her future husband and colleague in "Captain Furillo", Steven Bochco. For the Summerie Tech summer cut, she leaves for San Francisco to work with the improvisation group, The Commitee. With Gister's blessing, she stayed and worked with the group for 3 years. Barbara was nominated 5 times for the best actress in a dramatic series, for her performance in the role of Fay Furillo in "Captain Furillo".

Barbara Bosson is an American actress born in 1939. She began her acting career in the 1960s and played in several films and television series during her career. Among her best known roles, we can cite that of Fay Cochran in the television series "Hill Street Blues", for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 1981. She also played in films such as "Fuzz" (1972) and "The Parallax View" (1974).


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Title Role
Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer (1997) (mini) TV Series Miriam Grasso
Murder One (1995) TV Series Miriam Grasso
Cop Rock (1990) TV Series Mayor Louise Plank
Jury Duty: The Comedy (1990) (TV) Brattner
Little Sweetheart (1989) Mrs. Davies
Words to Live by (1989) (TV) Kathy
Hooperman (1987) TV Series Captain C.Z. Stern
Supermom's Daughter (1987) (TV) Mrs. Crandall
The Education of Allison Tate (1986) Lisa Stubbs
Hostage Flight (1985) (TV) Roberta Spooner
The Last Starfighter (1984) Jane Rogan
Calendar Girl Murders (1984) (TV) Nancy
Hill Street Blues (1981) TV Series Fay Furillo (1981-1986)
Operating Room (1978) (TV)
Capricorn One (1978) Alva Leacock
Richie Brockelman, Private Eye (1978) TV Series Sharon Diederson
Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours (1976) (TV) Sharon Peterson
Mame (1974) Emily
Bullitt (1968) (uncredited) Nurse



Spouse : Steven Bochco (1969 - August 1997) (divorced)

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