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Barry Morse : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Space 1999)

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Barry Morse

Professeur Victor Bergman in Space 1999

Photos Barry Morse Birth name: Herbert Morse
Birth date: 1918/06/10
Date of death : 2008/02/02 (90 years old)
Birth place : Londres
Height: 1.78 m

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Biography for Barry Morse

Born in London's East End, Barry's career began when he won a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the age of 15. Upon graduation he followed with successful stage runs in London's West End and in theatrical productions throughout the United Kingdom, and appeared on the BBC's earliest live television broadcasts in the late 1930s. Barry relocated to Canada in the early 1950s, working in live theatre, on CBC Radio, and in the premiere CBC TV broadcasts. While a staple many of the anthology and dramatic series of the 1950s and 1960s, he is probably best known in North America for his TV roles as 'Lt. Gerard' in "The Fugitive" and in "Space: 1999" as 'Prof. Bergman.' A journalist recently determined that he has played more than 3,000+ roles on the stage, screen, and radio in a career that has spanned over six decades.


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Title Role
Icon (2005) (TV) Josef Cherkassov
Merely Players (2000) (TV) Multiple Characters
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story (2000) (TV) Mr. Winfield
Taxman (1999/II) Reverend Adam Putter
Chercheurs d'or (1996) (mini) TV Series
Memory Run (1996) Bradden
TekWar (1994) (TV) Prof. Kittridge
J.F.K.: Reckless Youth (1993) (mini) TV Series Lord Halifax
Al lupo, al lupo (1992) Mario Sagonà
Glory! Glory! (1989) (TV) Rev. Dan Stuckey
War and Remembrance (1988) (mini) TV Series Col. Gen. Franz Halder
Hoover vs. the Kennedys: The Second Civil War (1987) (TV) Joseph Kennedy
Race for the Bomb (1987) (mini) TV Series Secretary Henry Stimson
Fight for Life (1987) (TV) Dr. Whalley
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1987) (TV) Carter Morstan
Covenant (1985) (TV) Zachariah
Reunion at Fairborough (1985) (TV) Nathan Barsky
Master of the Game (1984) (mini) TV Series Dr. John Harley
Sadat (1983) (TV) Menachem Begin
The Innocents Abroad (1983) (TV) Captain Duncan
The Winds of War (1983) (mini) TV Series Wolf Stoller
The Rothko Conspiracy (1983) (TV)
A Woman of Substance (1983) (mini) TV Series Murgatroyd
Murder by Phone (1982) Fred Waites
Whoops Apocalypse (1982) TV Series President Johnny Cyclops
A Tale of Two Cities (1980) (TV) St. Evremonde
Hounds of Notre Dame (1980) Bishop Williams
Funeral Home (1980) Mr. Davis
The Changeling (1980) Parapsychologist
The Martian Chronicles (1980) (mini) TV Series Peter Hathaway
Klondike Fever (1980) John Thornton
The Starlost: The Beginning (1980) (TV) Shalith
The Shape of Things to Come (1979) Dr. John Caball
World According to Nicholas (1979) TV Series Captain
Riel (1979) (TV) MacTavish
The Ugly Little Boy (1979) (TV)
Power Play (1978) Dr. Jean Rousseau
One Man (1977) Colin Angus Campbell
Welcome to Blood City (1977) Supervisor
Love at First Sight (1977/I) William
The Story of David (1976) (TV) Jehosephat
Alien Attack (1976) (TV) Professor Victor Bergman
Journey Through the Black Sun (1976) (TV) Professor Victor Bergman
Truman at Potsdam (1976) (TV) Secretary of State James F. Byrnes
Space: 1999 (1975) TV Series Prof. Victor Bergman (1975-1976)
To Kill the King (1974) Secretary
The Zoo Gang (1974) TV Series Alec 'The Tiger' Marlowe
The Adventurer (1972) TV Series Mr. Parminter
Asylum (1972) Bruno
The Golden Bowl (1972) (mini) TV Series Adam Verver
Poet Game (1972) (TV)
Summer and Smoke (1972) (TV)
Running Scared (1972) Mr. Case
The Telephone Book (1971) Har Poon
Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970) Dr. Galba
The English Boy (1969) (TV)
Justine (1969/I) Maskelyne
Dear Liar (1964) (TV) George Bernard Shaw
Kings of the Sun (1963) Ah Zok
The Fugitive (1963) TV Series Lt. Philip Gerard
The Heiress (1961) (TV) Dr. Austin Sloper
Lord Durham (1961) Gibbon Wakefield
The Three Musketeers (1960) (TV) Athos
Presenting Barry Morse (1960) TV Series Multiple Characters
Macbeth (1955) (TV) MacBeth
Haunted Studio (1954) TV Series Host
Noises in the Nursery (1952) (TV)
No Trace (1950) Harrison
Daughter of Darkness (1948) Robert Stanforth
Mrs. Fitzherbert (1947) Beau Brummell
This Man Is Mine (1946) Ronnie
Late at Night (1946) Dave Jackson
The Dummy Talks (1943)
When We Are Married (1943) Gerald Forbes
Thunder Rock (1943) Robert


Known for his ability to mimic various foreign accents.

Sometimes referred to as the "CBC Test Pattern" due to his frequency on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programming.

Following his debut in the classic television series "The Fugitive" (1963) as Lt. Gerard - the relentless pursuer of the falsely accused Dr. Richard Kimble - he was given the moniker "The most hated man in America."

Attempted to enlist in the Royal Navy during World War II, but a physical examination revealed he had tuberculosis which was caught in the early stages and cured.

Was offered but declined a cameo appearance in the role of Samuel Gerard's father in the motion picture version of The Fugitive.


Spouse : Sydney Sturgess (26 March 1939 - 30 September 1999) (her death) 3 children

Father of Hayward Morse, Melanie Morse MacQuarrie, and Barry Richard Charles Morse.

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