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Billy Jayne

Mikey Randall in Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Photos Billy Jayne Birth name: William Jacoby
Birth date: 1969/04/10 (54 years old)
Birth place : Flushing Queens New York
Height: 1.75 m

French Traduire

Biography for Billy Jayne

Billy Jayne began his acting career at the age of 15. He appeared in more than 50 movies and television productions. He notably obtained supporting roles in the Murder One series, 21 Jump Street before winning the role of Mikey in the Parker Lewis series never loses. Billy is also a musician, he writes and produces his own songs and he is part of the Whitey group. In addition to singing, Billy plays the guitar, the synthesizer, the harmonica and the saxophone.

Billy Jayne is an American actor born March 14, 1966 in New York, in New York. He is best known for his role as Jonathan T. Quinn in the television series Parker Lewis never loses, which was broadcast between 1990 and 1993.

Jayne began her acting career from an early age, playing in advertisements and television series for children. He notably played in the Gimme A Break television series! and DIFF'RENT Strokes. In 1985, he played in his first film, Howling IV: The Original Nightmare, in the role of Billy.

In 1990, Jayne obtained the main role of Jonathan T. Quinn in the series Parker Lewis never lost. The show was very successful with young viewers, and Jayne has become a popular actor thanks to his role. After the end of the series, in 1993, Jayne continued to play in movies and television series, especially in bad Manners and Shrunken Heads films.

Jayne was also active as a musician for a period in his career. In 1995, he released an album entitled Billy Jayne, which included songs that he had written and composed himself.

Despite his success as an actor and musician, Jayne gradually moved from the entertainment industry in the 2000s. He has not played in many projects since this period, although he has done some Apparitions in television series like CSI: Miami and Desperate Housewives.

In summary, Billy Jayne is an American actor known for his role as Jonathan T. Quinn in the Parker Lewis series never loses. Although it was active in the entertainment industry for many years, it has moved away from it during the 2000s.


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Title Role
The Bernie Mac Show Coach (1 episode, 2003)
The Crew (2000) Young Tony 'Mouth' Donato
Road Kill (1999) Lars
Charmed Billy Waters (1 episode, 1999)
Extreme Ghostbusters (1 episode, 1997)
Breaking Through (1996) (TV) Mike
Walker, Texas Ranger Derek Malloy (1 episode, 1996)
Murder One Billy McBride (1 episode, 1995)
Spring Fling! (1995) (TV)
Parker Lewis Can't Lose Mikey Randall (73 episodes, 1990-1993)
CBS Schoolbreak Special Bill McCallister (1 episode, 1990)
The Young Riders (1 episode, 1989)
Dr. Alien (1989) (as Billy Jacoby) Wesley Littlejohn
The 'burbs (1989) (voice) (as Billy Jacoby) Voice-over actor
Demonwarp (1988) (as Billy Jacoby) Tom Phillips
The Charmings Al (1 episode, 1988)
A Year in the Life Jerry (1 episode, 1987)
Party Camp (1987) (as Billy Jacoby) D.A.
21 Jump Street (1 episode, 1987)
The B.R.A.T. Patrol (1986) (TV) Whittle
Lazer Tag Academy (1986) TV series Tom Jaren
The Wizard Jack Craig (1 episode, 1986)
The A-Team Jeffrey Sullivan / ... (2 episodes, 1983-1986)
Silver Spoons (1982) TV series Brad (unknown episodes, 1985-1986)
The Golden Girls David (1 episode, 1985)
Just One of the Guys (1985) (as Billy Jacoby) Buddy Griffith
Highway to Heaven Brad Gaines (1 episode, 1984)
Tales from the Darkside Petey Coombs (1 episode, 1984)
Reckless (1984) (as Billy Jacoby) David Prescott
It's Not Easy (1983) TV series Matthew Townsend
ABC Weekend Specials Alvin / ... (5 episodes, 1978-1983)
Nightmares (1983) (as Billy Jacoby) Zock Maxwell (segment Bishop of Battle)
Cujo (1983) (as Billy Jacoby) Brett Camber
Man, Woman and Child (1983) (as Billy Jacoby) Davey Ackerman
Benson Buzzy Sheridan (1 episode, 1983)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Eddie Barton (1 episode, 1982)
Superstition (1982) (as Billy Jacoby) Justin Leahy
The Beastmaster (1982) (as Billy Jacoby) Young Dar
Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody (1982) (TV) (voice) (as Billy Jacoby) Additional Voices
Hospital Massacre (1982) (as Billy Jacoby) Young Harold
Working (1982) (TV) (as Billy Jacoby) Newsboy
The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Puppy Hour (1982) TV series (voice) (as Billy Jacoby) Petey The Puppy
Murder in Texas (1981) (TV) Mel Kurth
Bloody Birthday (1981) (as Billy Jacoby) Curtis Taylor
Crazy Times (1981) (TV) (as Billy Jacoby) Older Boy
Back Roads (1981) The Boy Thief
Hart to Hart Herbie Geller (1 episode, 1981)
Maggie (1981/I) TV series Mark Weston (unknown episodes)
Disneyland David Williams (2 episodes, 1980)
The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (1980) (TV) (as Bill Jacoby) David Williams
Angel on My Shoulder (1980) (TV) (as Billy Jacoby) Joe Navotny
Galactica 1980 Tucker (1 episode, 1980)
CBS Library Oscar (1 episode, 1980)
How to Eat Like a Child (1980) (TV)
The Runner Stumbles (1979) James
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979) TV series Additional Voices (unknown episodes)
The Bad News Bears (1979) TV series Rudi Stein




Spouse : April Wayne (? - 2003) (divorced)

Brother of Scott Jacoby, Robert Jayne, Susan Jacoby and Laura Jacoby

He has three sons: Miles, Gabriel and Keelin.

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