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DeForest Kelley : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Star Trek)

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DeForest Kelley - Biography

Docteur LĂ©onard Mc Coy " Bones " in Star Trek

Photos DeForest Kelley Nom de naissance : Jackson DeForest Kelley
Date de naissance : 1920/01/20
Date of death : 1999/06/11 (79 years old)
Birth place : Atlanta

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Biography for DeForest Kelley

DeForest Kelley was born in Atlanta Georgia January 20, 1920. He graduated from highschool at 16 and went on to sing at the church where his father was a baptist minister.At seventeen he made his first trip outside the state to visit an uncle in Long Beach California, he intended to stay for 2 weeks but ended up staying a year. Upon returning home he told his parents he was moving to California to become an actor . His mother encouraged him but the idea didn't go over well with his father. In California Kelley was spotted by a Paramount scout while doing a Navy Training film. He went on acting in many westerns and eventually played the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy which changed his life forever.

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