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Jaime Gomez : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Nash Bridges)

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Jaime Gomez - Biography

Inspecteur Evan Cortez in Nash Bridges

Photos Jaime Gomez Nom de naissance : Jaimé Paul Gomez
Date de naissance : 1965/08/31 (54 years old)
Birth place : Los Angeles

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Biography for Jaime Gomez

Jaime Gomez was born and raised in the Southern Californian sunshine spending much of his formative years bouncing around in a VW bus in search of the perfect wave, the perfect beach, the perfect sunset.

College was for the studying of art history and literature as well the history of the world and his personal favorite, philosophy. He remembers telling his philosophy professor that taking tests wasn't part of his philosophy. The Professor thought for a moment, then to Jaime's shock agreed. He participated every day in class and then and there realized it is of vital importance to think outside of the proverbial box!

Jaime has had a successful acting career spanning twenty years. He's best known for his role in the hit CBS series Nash Bridges playing young super cop Evan Cortez. Jaime has worked with major stars the likes of Denzel Washington, twice, (Training Day, Crimson Tide) to Harrison Ford (Clear and Present Danger) to Gene Hackman to Willem Dafoe.

Jaime's dreams now lie in the producing/writing/directing side of the biz. He has recently completed his own feature film called "In the Blink of an Eye", as well as the documentary "Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song. Both projects have been screened in film festivals around the world. His future seems sealed with his direction of the powerful short film "Live With It" starring Andy Martinez.

Jaime's next project is called "Empty Hands" the modern day tale of Jesus as an unemployed Mexican construction worker from modern day East Los Angeles. His story relates the fact that church takes place outside the four walls of church and that we all are indeed God!

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