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Jeff Yagher - Biography

Kyle Bates in V

Photos Jeff Yagher Nom de naissance : Jeff Yagher
Date de naissance : 1962/01/18 (58 years old)
Birth place : Lawrence (USA)

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Biography for Jeff Yagher

Jeff Yagher was born January 18, 1962 in Lawrence, Kansas. He graduated from Ohio State University and then attended the prestigious Yale School of Drama, where he appeared in productions of "The Vultures", "We Can't Pay, We Won't Play", and "Las Madres". The winner of the 1986 Dramalogue Award for Best Performance for "A Fine Summer Night", Jeff is a veteran of theatre, film, and television. He is also a sculptor who creates miniatures for movie special effects. Jeff also sculpts models, and is one of the most renowned names in that field. His works have been sold independently, for the Janus model kit company, and for various other companies. Jeff's brother is special effects expert and director Kevin Yagher, who is married to "7th's Heaven"'s Catherine Hicks. Jeff's hobbies include rock climbing, playing billiards, and racquetball. He is currently dating actress Megan Gallagher.

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