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Michael Des Barres : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Mac Gyver)

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Michael Des Barres - Biography

Murdoc in Mac Gyver

Photos Michael Des Barres Nom de naissance : Michael Des Barres
Date de naissance : 1948/01/24 (71 years old)
Birth place : Londres

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Biography for Michael Des Barres

Former British hard rock singer and front man of the 1970s L.A. band "Detective", who were one of the featured acts on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label and were produced to sound as much like Led Zeppelin as possible. A longtime friend & confidant of Led Zeppelin leader Jimmy Page, Des Barres married Page's longtime girlfriend, the notorious Rock groupie, Pamela Miller, herself also a former girlfriend to WHO drummer Keith Moon, composer Todd Rundgren and experimental rocker Frank Zappa & she was a former member of the famed 1960s groupie clique "the GTOs". The couple had one child, a son named Dean.

Des Barres has appeared on television and film a great many times and is considered quite a skilled actor. Indeed, he is probably much better known as an actor, having made appearances on highly rated TV shows like "Roseanne" (1988), "St. Elsewhere" (1982) and especially as "Dog" on "WKRP in Cincinnati" (1978), where he and "Detective" actually performed. He also did terrific work in a recurring role on "MacGyver" (1985) as "Murdoc", a demented assassin bent on killing the title hero. In the 1980s, he briefly fronted Duran Duran offshoot Power Station.

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