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Philip Ahn - Biography

Maître Kan in Kung Fu

Photos Philip Ahn Nom de naissance : Pil Lip Ahn
Date de naissance : 1905/03/29
Date of death : 1978/02/28 (73 years old)
Birth place : Los Angeles

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Biography for Philip Ahn

Korean-American character actor who played hundreds of Chinese and Japanese characters during a long career. Ahn was born in Los Angeles in 1905 (though 1911 is the year usually given, U.S. government records confirm that Ahn was born in 1905), the son of a Korean diplomat. He attended the University of Southern California at Los Angeles. Ahn got his first film acting job in 1935 and quickly made a place for himself playing Asians of many derivations. Although his kindly demeanor made him perfect for sympathetic roles, he could excel in the occasional villainous "Yellow Peril"-type role. Condemned, like most Asian actors of the period, to stereotypical roles, Ahn nevertheless brought a dignity to even the most subservient of characters. In his later years, he achieved his greatest fame as the wise Master Kan on the television series "Kung Fu" (1972). Ahn was also a successful Los Angeles restaurateur. He died in 1978. Not be confused with another Korean-American actor, Philson Ahn.

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