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Robert Ito : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Quincy, M.E.)

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Robert Ito - Biography

Sam Fujiyama in Quincy, M.E.

Photos Robert Ito Nom de naissance : Robert Ito
Date de naissance : 1931/07/02 (89 years old)
Birth place : Vancouver Canada
Taille : 1.73 m

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Biography for Robert Ito

Canadian-born actor of Japanese descent, Robert Ito was, for many years, a dancer with the National Ballet of Canada before turning to acting in the mid-1960s. Still a busy performer today (2003), he is probably best known for his seven-year stint as "Sam Fujiyama" on the popular TV series "Quincy M.E." (1976), opposite Jack Klugman's title character.

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