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Sebastian Cabot - Biography

Monsieur French in Family Affair

Photos Sebastian Cabot Nom de naissance : Charles Sebastian Thomas Cabot
Date de naissance : 1918/07/06
Date of death : 1977/08/22 (59 years old)
Birth place : London, England

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Biography for Sebastian Cabot

Cabot's career began with a bit part in Foreign Affaires (1935); his first screen credit was in Alfred Hitchcock's Secret Agent (1936). Other British films such as Love on the Dole, Pimpernel Smith, Old Mother Riley: Detective, and Old Mother Riley: Overseas followed. In 1946, he won the role of Iago in Othello. By 1947, Cabot had relocated to Hollywood, and landed roles in such films as They Made Me A Fugitive, Third Time Lucky, The Spider and the Fly, Ivanhoe, Babes in Baghdad, The Love Lottery, and the 1954 Italian version of Romeo and Juliet--as Capulet.

At about this time Cabot began taking on television work, appearing in such series as Along the Oregon Trail, The Adventures of Hiram Holiday, Checkmate (TV series), The Beachcomber, and an unforgettable appearance in The Twilight Zone,{aka A Nice Place to Visit} as the white-suited, courtly provider--who turns out to be the devil himself--of a vain but disillusioned man's every wish. In 1964, Cabot hosted the short-lived television series, Suspense, and voiced or narrated a few other film and television projects, before he was cast as Giles French in the CBS series Family Affair.

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