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Yvonne Suhor - Biography

Louise McCloud in The Young Riders

Photos Yvonne Suhor Nom de naissance : Yvonne Suhor
Date de naissance : 1965/11/29 (54 years old)
Birth place : Nouvelle Orléans, Louisiane (USA)

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Biography for Yvonne Suhor

Yvonne Suhor, visiting assistant professor of theatre, received her MFA from the University of California and has been a professional actress, director and teacher for several years. She was a regular on ABC's "The Young Riders" (1989), played Cicely in an Emmy award-winning episode of "Northern Exposure" (1990), played a recurring role in "Brooklyn Bridge" (1991) and has guest-starred in numerous shows including "Murder, She Wrote" (1984), "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995) and Dillinger (1991) (TV) (with Mark Harmon). Her stage credits include Steppenwolf's award-winning production of Grapes of Wrath. She also toured Australia with Steppenwolf's internationally acclaimed production of Lydie Breeze and won a JEFF nomination for her performance in Vampires. Suhor teaches voice, movement and acting in the theatre department.

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