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Charlie Barnett

Neville "Noogie 'Lamont in Miami Vice

Photos Charlie Barnett Birth name: Charlie Barnett
Birth date: 1954/09/23
Date of death : 1996/03/16 (42 years old)
Birth place : Bluefield, Virginie-Occidentale, Etats-Unis

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Biography for Charlie Barnett

Barnett was born in Bluefield, Virginie-Western, United States. He first made a name for himself in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the realization of several sexy comedy shows at an outdoor day of the Parks of the City of New York, in particular in Washington Square Park, where he competed for crowds with musicians, frisbee players, jugglers and other artists.

Charlie is one of the only street artists able to "fill the fountain" (an amphitheater in a large circular fountain), in Washington Square Park.

In September 1980, Barnett auditioned for Saturday Night Live and producer Jean Doumanian was ready to hire, but after a last minute hearing, Barnett in place of the distribution was given to Eddie Murphy.

Barnett has to appear in the film and television. In 1983 DC Cab comedy film, he played the role of Tyrone.

He also appeared on Def Comedy Jam. Although the episode was not broadcast on television, the DVD release of Def Jam Comedy contains an additional DVD with "2 RAW 4 TV", which has a Barnett performance.

Barnett has to appear in the film and television. In the 1983 Comedy Film DC Cab, He Played the Role of Tyrone. In 1983 DC Cab comedy film, he played the role of Tyrone.

He had a recurring role in the Hit of the 1980s the Miami Vice television series like Neville "Noogie 'Lamont.

Barnett of the last role film was in 1996 in the film they dick. He died this year of AIDS

Charlie Barnett is an American actor known for his role as Peter Mills in the television series "Chicago Fire". He also appeared in television series such as "The Good Place" and "Tales of the City". Barnett began his career as an actor by playing in plays in New York before being noticed by television and cinema producers. He also appeared in films such as "Jamesy Boy" and "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot". Apart from his acting career, Barnett is also a talented musician and plays the guitar in his free time. He was born on March 18, 1991 in Gainesville, Florida, and grew up in a family of musicians. Barnett studied dramatic art at the University of Florida before moving to New York to continue his acting career. He is known for his passion for his work and his determination to succeed in the entertainment industry.


Photos Charlie Barnett n_2 Photos Charlie Barnett n_2


Title Role
They Bite (1996) Larry
Mondo New York (1988) Comic In Park
Miami Vice Neville 'Noogie' Lamont (6 episodes, 1984-1987)
Nobody's Fool (1986) Nick
Charlie Barnett's Terms of Enrollment (1986) (V) Actor-Comedian-Educator/Registrar
My Man Adam (1985) Leroy
T.J. Hooker Sidney P. Stover (1 episode, 1985)




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