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Terence Knox : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Tour of Duty)

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Terence Knox - Filmography

Title Role
An Ordinary Killer (2002) Detective Ben Bannister
Space Banda (2001) (V) Fardum Gaspro the Bounty Hunter
Rescue 77 (1999) TV Series Griffith
At Face Value (1999) Construction Foreman
Emergency Room 2 (1999) (VG)
Love in Another Town (1997) (TV) Mike Town'
University Blues (1996) (TV)
The Invaders (1995) (TV) Coyle
Under One Roof (1995) TV Series Matt 'Siggy' Sigalos
919 Fifth Avenue (1995) (TV)
Stolen Innocence (1995) (TV) Jed Harris
The Road Home (1994) TV Series Jack Matson
The Flight of the Dove (1994) Jonathan 'J.B.' Brandels
Nick's Game (1993) (TV) Frank Del Pzzo
Poisoned by Love: The Kern County Murders (1993) (TV) Bobby Ballew
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1993) John Garrett
A Mother's Right: The Elizabeth Morgan Story (1992) (TV) Eric Foretich
Overexposed (1992) (TV) Nick
Forever (1992) Wallace Reid
Lucky Day (1991) (TV) Nick
Angel of Death (1990) (TV) Vince
Snow Kill (1990) (TV) Clayton Thorpe
Unspeakable Acts (1990) (TV) Dan Casey
Tripwire (1990) Jack DeForest
The Offspring (1987) Burt
Tour of Duty (1987) TV Series Sgt. Zeke Anderson
Murder Ordained (1987) (TV) Martin Anderson
Mighty Pawns (1987) (TV) Steve Grenowski
Distortions (1987) Paul Elliott
All Is Forgiven (1986) TV Series Matt Russell
Rebel Love (1986) Hightower
Chase (1985) (TV) Craig Phalen
J.O.E. and the Colonel (1985) (TV) Dr. Michael Rourke
City Killer (1984) (TV) Leo Kalb
Truckin' Buddy McCoy (1984) Buddy
Heart Like a Wheel (1983) Jack's Friend
Circle of Power (1983)
Lies (1983) Eric Macklin
St. Elsewhere (1982) TV Series Dr. Peter White (1982-1984)
Used Cars (1980) (as Terrence Knox) Roose

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