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Richard Grieco

Dennis Booker in 21 Jump Street

Photos Richard Grieco Birth name: Richard Grieco
Birth date: 1965/03/23 (56 years old)
Birth place : Watertown, New York (USA)

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Biography for Richard Grieco

Richard Grieco was born to an Italian father (Richard Grieco) and an Irish mother (Carolyn O'Reilly). In 1999 he had a son (Dylan Justice Sissons) with a ex-girlfriend, the model and actress Kimber Sissons. He is a musician and in 1995 released a CD ('Waiting for the sky to fall') in Germany. Currently he is single and lives in Los Angeles.


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Title Role
Wounded (2003) Braeden Karrow
Book of Days (2003 Télefilm) Mr. Finch
Samhain (2002) Mark
Fish Don't Blink (2002) Pete
Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express (2001) Jack Chase
Manhattan Midnight (2001) Midnight
Sweet Revenge (2001/I) Frank
Last Cry (2001) Gale, Producteur Executif
Final Payback (1999) Acteur
Point Doom (1999) Rick Hansen
Harold Robbins' Body Parts (1999) Ty Kinnick
Ultimate Betrayal (1999 Télefilm) Bobby Woodkin
Blackheart (1998) Ray
Captive (1998/II Télefilm) Joe Goodis
Silent Screams (1998) Dean
Michael Angel (1998) Michael Killan
A Night at the Roxbury (1998) Lui-même
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1998) Sinbad
Against the Law (1997) Rex
Heaven or Vegas (1997) Navy
The Journey: Absolution (1997) Sgt. Bradley
Mutual Needs (1997) Brandon Collier
When Time Expires (1997 Télefilm) Travis Beck
Inhumanoid (1996 Télefilm) Adam
It Was Him or Us (1995 Télefilm) Gene
The Demolitionist (1995) Mad Dog Burne
A Vow to Kill (1995 Télefilm) Eric
Marker (1995 Serie TV) Richard DeMorra
Bolt (1994) Bolt
Suspicious Agenda (1994) Tony Castagne
The Marvel Action Hour: The Fantastic Four (1994/I Serie TV) Ghost Rider (voix)
Sin & Redemption (1994 Télefilm) Jim McDaniels
Tomcat: Dangerous Desires (1993) Tom
Nick's Game (1993 Télefilm) Del Pizzo, Nick
Born to Run (1993 Télefilm) Nicky Donatello
Mobsters (1991) Bugsy Siegel
If Looks Could Kill (1991) Michael Corben
Booker (1989 Serie TV) Dennis Booker
21 Jump Street (1987 Serie TV) Off. Dennis Booker (1988-1989)
One Life to Live (1968 Serie TV) Rick Gardner (1986-1987)


Worked as model for Elite.

Born in Watertown, NY.

Dated actress Yasmine Bleeth. [2001]

Has a personal collection of over 3000 DVD films.

Has a black panther tattoo on his shoulder and a clover tattoo on his calf.

Signed a record deal with Edel Record Company to release a CD single in Germany.

Was a model for Armani, Calvin Klien, and Chanel.

'One Life to Live' was his first acting audition.

Attended Central Conneticut college and majored in Political Science. He played for their football team as a middle linebacker and fullback.


Parents: 'Richard Grieco Sr.' and Carolyn Grieco.

Has two sisters Elizabeth and Laura, and one brother, David.

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