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Ross Martin : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (The Wild Wild West)

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Ross Martin

Artémus GORDON in The Wild Wild West

Photos Ross Martin Birth name: Martin Rosenblatt
Birth date: 1920/03/22
Date of death : 1981/07/03 (61 years old)
Birth place : Grodek (Pologne)

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Biography for Ross Martin

Born in Grodek, Poland, Ross Martin grew up on New York City's Lower East Side. He spoke Yiddish, Polish, and Russian before even learning English and later added French, Spanish, and Italian to his amazing repertoire.

Despite academic training (and receiving honors in) business, instruction, and law, M. Martin chose a career of acting. His first film was the George Pal production Conquest of Space (1955). Soon after, he caught the eye of Blake Edwards who cast him in a number of widely varied roles, culminating with a fantastic part in The Great Race (1965).

Ross somehow managed a series in between, the short-lived "Mr. Lucky" (1959). With the release of The Great Race (1965), CBS cast him in what was to become his most famous part, Secret Service agent Artemus Gordon in "The Wild Wild West" (1965), opposite Robert Conrad. Perhaps the show's cancellation in 1969 was for the best - he suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 1968.

Afraid to take the risk of having a lead actor with a heart condition, the networks snubbed him with regards to a lead role, yet he appeared as a guest star in an amazing number of programs, not all dramatic masterpieces. Yet Ross loved to act, and took every role which came his way. Ross Martin collapsed while playing tennis, the heart condition finally taking its toll on July 3rd, 1981.


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Title Role
I Married Wyatt Earp (1983) (TV) Jacob Spiegler
Mork & Mindy - Mork and the Bum Rap (1981) TV Episode Godfrey
Fantasy Island Episode Armand Fernandel
More Wild Wild West (1980) (TV) Artemus Gordon
The Love Boat - April's Love/Happy Ending/We Three (1980) TV Episode Tom Thorton
The Seekers (1979) (TV) Supply Pleasant
Hawaii Five-O
Return of the Mod Squad (1979) (TV) Buck Prescott
The Wild Wild West Revisited (1979) (TV) Artemus Gordon
Donovan's Kid (1979) (TV) Mayor Stokes
Gulliver's Travels (1979) (TV) (voice) Lemuel Gulliver
Greatest Heroes of the Bible (1978) (mini) TV Series
Vega$ - Mother Mishkin (1978) TV Episode Werner Worthmeyer
The American Girls
Jana of the Jungle (1978) TV Series (voice)
The All-New Popeye Hour (1978) TV Series (voice)
Wild and Wooly (1978) (TV) Otis Bergen
Wonder Woman
The Three Robonic Stooges (1978) TV Series (voice) Agent 000
The Godzilla Power Hour (1978) TV Series (voice)
Charlie's Angels - Unidentified Flying Angels (1977) TV Episode Dr. Perine
The Skatebirds (1977) TV Series (voice) Agent Triple-Zero
Blansky's Beauties - Nancy Goes Shiek (1977) TV Episode
Baretta - Not on Our Block (1977) TV Episode Carmine Falco
Yesterday's Child (1977) (TV) John Talbot
Sanford and Son - California Crude (1976) TV Episode Aram
Gemini Man - Minotaur (1976) TV Episode Carl Victor
Ellery Queen
The Invisible Man - The Fine Art of Diplomacy (1975) TV Episode Amb Diego Devega
Barnaby Jones - Friends Till Death (1974) TV Episode Maxwell Imry
Skyway to Death (1974) (TV) Martin Leonard
McCloud - The Solid Gold Swingers (1973) TV Episode Jerry Davis/Frank Morris/Charles Hollenbeck
Tenafly - Joyride to Nowhere (1973) TV Episode Grady Hall
Dying Room Only (1973) (TV) Jim Cutler
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (1973) TV Series (voice)
The Return of Charlie Chan (1973) (TV) Charlie Chan
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
Night Gallery
The F.B.I. - The Wizard (1972) TV Episode George Barrows
The Crooked Hearts (1972) (TV) Sergeant Daniel Shine
The Last of the Curlews (1972) (TV) (voice) Stan
Sealab 2020 (1972) TV Series (voice) Dr. Paul Williams
Columbo: Suitable for Framing (1971) (TV) Dale Kingston
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law - Make No Mistake (1971) TV Episode Dr. Emery Lewis
The Sheriff (1971) (TV) Larry Walters
Love, American Style - Love and the Big Game/Love and the Nutsy Girl/Love and the Vampire (1971) TV Episode (segment Love and the Nutsy Girl)
The Immortal - White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees (1970) TV Episode Eddie Yeoman
The Wild Wild West Artemus Gordon
The Great Race (1965) Baron Rolfe von Stuppe
The Man from Button Willow (1965) (voice) Andy/U.S. Senator
Vacation Playhouse - I and Claudie (1964) TV Episode Claudie Hughes
The Ceremony (1963) Le Caq
Wagon Train
Pantomime Quiz
Dr. Kildare
The Twilight Zone
The Dick Powell Show
Geronimo (1962) Mangus
Experiment in Terror (1962) Garland Humphrey 'Red' Lynch
87th Precinct - Occupation: Citizen (1961) TV Episode Joe Czepreghi
Peter Gunn
The Law and Mr. Jones - The Enemy (1961) TV Episode Frank Brody
Zorro - Auld Acquaintance (1961) TV Episode Marcos
Michael Shayne - Murder Is a Fine Art (1961) TV Episode Adam Quick
Texas John Slaughter - A Holster Full of Law (1961) TV Episode Cesario Lucero
Laramie - A Sound of Bells (1960) TV Episode Angel
Mr. Lucky (1959) TV Series Andamo
Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
Sea Hunt
Naked City - Ten Cent Dreams (1959) TV Episode Carlo
General Electric Theater
M Squad - Contraband (1958) TV Episode Corvin
Bat Masterson - The Treasure of Worry Hill (1958) TV Episode Caulder Larson
The Colossus of New York (1958) Dr. Jeremy 'Jerry' Spensser
Suspicion - The Hollow Man (1958) TV Episode
The Court of Last Resort - The Phillip Huston Case (1958) TV Episode Phillip Huston
The United States Steel Hour
Underwater Warrior (1958) Sgt. Joe O'Brien
Studio One
Modern Romances
The Alcoa Hour - A Double Life (1957) TV Episode
The Big Story
Sheriff of Cochise - The Check Artist (1956) TV Episode
The Philco Television Playhouse
Conquest of Space (1955) Andre Fodor
Honestly, Celeste! - Episode dated 28 November 1954 (1954) TV Episode
Concerning Miss Marlowe (1954) TV Series Bojalian
Treasury Men in Action
The Web - The Hunted (1954) TV Episode
Johnny Jupiter - Duckweather and the Professor (1953) TV Episode Dexter Spiegelmacher
Goodyear Television Playhouse
Police Story - The Omaha Case (1952) TV Episode
Hallmark Hall of Fame
Lights Out


In Columbo - "Suitable For Framing", many a viewer notes the marvelous interplay between Martin and Peter Falk. This is to be expected; Martin was Falk's acting instructor in years past. The two also worked together in The Great Race (1965).

A singer on Broadway, he played Nathan Detroit in a Broadway touring company of "Guys and Dolls" in the 50s.

An accomplished musician, he was a violin virtuoso at age 8 playing solo with the junior symphony orchestra.

His natural ability for dialects led him to radio while in his 20s, perfomring on three daytime radio serials at once, including the part of a 62 year old Viennese gent. At one time the prolific actor was a regular in eight separate major series on all the different networks. He ended up with his own radio program, "The Ross Martin Show."

One half of a vaudeville comedy duo from 1937-41 called "Ross & West." His partner was Bernie West.

With a penchant for playing villains, he received a Golden Globe nomination for his terrifying role in Experiment in Terror (1962). As a promotion and publicity stunt for the film, Columbia chose to withheld the identity of Martin from the press until the film opened. It helped bring interest to the film, but in the long run, hurt the unknown Martin.


Spouse : Grindrod, Olavee (10 September 1967 - 3 July 1981) (his death) 3 children, Muriel Weiss (1941 - 1965) (her death)

His wife Olavee Grinrod, died February 3, 2002.

Had two daughters: Phyllis, Rebecca; one son, George.

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