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Staci Keanan

Nicole Bradford in My Two Dads, Dana Foster in Step by Step

Photos Staci Keanan Birth name: Anastasia Sagorsky
Birth date: 1975/06/06 (46 years old)
Birth place : Devon Pennsyvanie
Height: 1.60 m

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Biography for Staci Keanan

Staci Keanan began her career at age four with fashion-show assignments and magazine work. At age eight she moved to New York with her mother and sister and balanced a modeling career with a budding theater career, in addition to keeping a high scholastic record. She won several prestigious scholastic awards, including a City of New York essay contest and the National Language Arts Olympiad. As for her acting career, she branched from modeling into commercials, voice-overs and jingles, and then got roles in several mini-series and TV specials. her first starring role was in the series "My Two Dads" (1987). She received both the Youth In Film Award and Sixteen Magazine's Top TV Newcomer Award for her work on the series. In 1989 Staci made it to the big screen in the feature film Lisa (1989), and then starred in the TV series "Step by Step" (1991).


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Title Role
Stolen Poem (2004) Jamie
Diagnosis Murder
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Nowhere (1997) (as Stacy Keenan) Ever
Boy Meets World
Ski Hard (1995) Annie Meyers
ABC Sneak Peek with Step by Step (1994) (TV) Dana Foster
Step by Step Dana Foster (1991-1998)
Going Places (1990) TV Series Lindsay Bowen (1990-1991)
Casey's Gift: For Love of a Child (1990) (TV) Kathy Ctilwell
ABC TGIF (1990) TV Series Dana
Lisa (1989) Lisa
My Two Dads (1987) TV Series Nicole Bradford (1987-1990)


Parents: Jackie und Irv, Sister: Pilar.

Pets: A golden retriever named Wally and a cat named Fatty.

She first wanted to be a waitress.

Her favorite book is "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.

She loves tennis and the music of Depeche Mode.

She is Catholic


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