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Stacy Keach

Mike Hammer in Mike Hammer

Photos Stacy Keach Birth name: Walter Stacy Keach Jr
Birth date: 1941/06/02 (80 years old)
Birth place : Savannah (Georgia, USA)

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Biography for Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach (born June 2, 1941) is an American actor and narrator. He was born Walter Stacy Keach, Jr. in Savannah, Georgia. He is most familiar for acting in dramatic roles, although his voice is well-known to watchers of educational programming on PBS and the Discovery Channel, but he has ventured into comedy as well. Early in his career, he was credited as Stacy Keach, Jr. to distinguish himself from his father Stacy Keach, Sr. He has a brother, James Keach. He has been married three times: to Marilyn Aiken in 1975, to Jill Donahue in 1981, and to Malgosia Tomassi around 1986. He has two daughters from his second marriage and two children from his third marriage.

Keach graduated from Van Nuys High School in June 1959 and went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley. He continued at Yale University's School of Drama and was a Fulbright Scholar student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Keach first appeared on Broadway in 1969 as Buffalo Bill in Indians by Arthur Kopit. He has won numerous awards including Obies, Drama Desk Awards, and Vernon Rice Awards. He portrayed film noir-style private detective Mike Hammer in the CBS television series Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer from 1984 to 1987.

He is most familiar to younger television viewers for narrating episodes of Nova, National Geographic, and various other informational series, and he performed in the role of Ken Titus, the father in the title family of Fox's Titus, and as Barabbas in Jesus of Nazareth (movie).

In 1984 he was convicted of smuggling cocaine into the United Kingdom and spent 6 months in a British prison.

He is the honorary chairman of the Cleft Palate Foundation.


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In 1984 he was jailed in England for nine months for smuggling cocaine.

Born at 7:15pm-EST

Keach studied drama at the University of Berkeley, Yale, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Acted in a number of plays at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC.

He won an Obie in 1967 for his performance in the title role of "MacBird!".

Performed the role of the King of Siam in a touring rendition of "The King and I".

Stacy Keach graduated from Van Nuys High School in June, 1959.

Brother-in-law of actress Jane Seymour

Provided the narration for the Submarine ride at Disneyland (in Anaheim, California) - but the ride no longer exists.

Former Fulbright scholar.

Along with Louis Gossett Jr., he was one of two actors considered for the role of the SGC's new commanding officer, General Hank Landry, on "Stargate SG-1" (1997). The role instead went to Beau Bridges.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1970 Tony Award as Best Actor (Dramatic) for playing William F. Cody, aka Buffalo Bill, in Arthur L. Kopit's "Indians."


Spouse : Malgosia Tomassi (22 June 1986 - present) 2 children, Jill Donahue (1981 - 1986) (divorced) 2 children, Marilyn Aiken (1975 - ?) (divorced).

Children: son - Shannon, daughter - Karolina

Son of Stacy Keach Sr., brother of James Keach

Stacy's father started as a community college drama teacher. He then became the director of the Pasadena Playhouse. His mother was Mary Kain Keach.

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