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Ted Lange

Isaac Washington in Love Boat

Photos Ted Lange Birth name: Theodore William Lange
Birth date: 1948/01/05 (76 years old)
Birth place : Oakland (USA)
Height: 1.78 m

French Traduire

Biography for Ted Lange

Theodore William Lange (born January 5, 1948 in Oakland, California, USA ) is an actor best known for his role as the bartender Isaac in the TV series Love Boat.

Currently he appears in Bud Light commercials where at the end of the ad he appears and says "This calls for a Bud Light."

Casually, he may be behind his bar, Ted Lange is part of those black artists who defended and fought for the recognition of their community in the media in the 1970s. This explains the multiple qualities of the actor. From television to the cinema, Ted Lange has filmed in a large number of productions, but he was also a competent director. In this function he worked on the fantastic island, the man who falls at the top, Starman and the new generation of the cruise has fun. But this man of theater realized his dream in 1989, turning an adaptation of the play by Shakespeare, Othello. He produced it, carried out and interpreted.

Bernie Kopell is an American actor born June 21, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his role as Dr. Adam Bricker in the cult television series "The Love Boat". Kopell has also played in other popular television series, such as "Get Smart" and "Bewitched". In addition to his acting career, he also worked as a writer and television producer. Kopell began his acting career in the 1960s and continued to work in the entertainment industry until today. He is also known for his many appearances in television shows and talk shows.


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Title Role
La croisière s'amuse: TV Tales (2002 TV special) Lui-même
The Redemption (2000) Reverend
Sandman (1998) Gnome
La croisière s'amuse: The Next Wave (1998 Serie TV) Réalisateur
Dharma & Greg (1997 Serie TV) Réalisateur
Moesha (1996 Serie TV) Réalisateur
The Wayans Bros. (1995 Serie TV) Réalisateur
The Naked Truth (1992) The Flower Peddler
Perfume (1991) George
Penny Ante: The Motion Picture (1990) The Deacon
La croisière s'amuse: A Valentine Voyage (1990 Téléfilm) Isaac
The Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989 Téléfilm) Napoleon
Othello (1989) Othello, Réalisateur
Christmas (1988 Téléfilm) Acteur
Glitch! (1988) DuBois
Terminal Exposure (1987) Fantastic
Starman (1986 Serie TV) Réalisateur
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1984 Serie TV) Réalisateur
Battle of the Network Stars XVI (1984 TV documentary) Lui-même (ABC Team contestant)
The Fall Guy (1981 Serie TV) Réalisateur (episode 4.18, "Spring Break" 2/20/1985)
Good Evening, Captain (1981 TV special) Lui-même
Circus of the Stars #5 (1980 Téléfilm) Performer
Kraft Salutes Disneyland's 25th Anniversary (1980 TV special) Lui-même
Fantasy Island (1978 Serie TV) Réalisateur
Passing Through (1977) Writer
Record City (1977) The Wiz
La croisière s'amuse (1977 Serie TV) Bartender Isaac Washington, Réalisateur, Writer
The New Love Boat (1977 Téléfilm) Isaac Washington
La croisière s'amuse II (1977 Téléfilm) Isaac (Barman)
Mr. T and Tina (1976 Serie TV) Harvard
Friday Foster (1975) Fancy Dexter
Black Belt Jones (1974) Militant
That's My Mama (1974 Serie TV) Junior
Larry (1974 Téléfilm) Acteur
Blade (1973) Henry Watson
Trick Baby (1973) Melvin the Pimp
Wattstax (1973 documentary) Lui-même


Best known for his 'nice guy' bartender Isaac on TV's "The Love Boat," Ted invariably played a heavy in earlier blaxploitation film roles.

Severely typecast in his long-running, rather featherweight role, he played it low-keyed for many years and found renewed respect on stage as a writer/director/producer/actor. He earned several stage awards for his efforts, including the Renaissance Man Theatre Award from the NAACP and the Paul Robeson Award from AFI.


Spouse : Sherryl Thompson (1978 - present) 2 sons.

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