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Wade Williams

Wade Andrew Williams

(Wade Williams - Bradley 'Brad' Bellick in Prison Break)

Stacy Keach

Walter Stacy Keach Jr

(Stacy Keach - Mike Hammer in Mike Hammer)

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Earl Miller III

(Wentworth Miller - Michael Scofield in Prison Break)

Willie Aames

William Albert Upton

(Willie Aames - Tommy Bradford in Eight is enough !)

William Devane

William Devane

(William Devane - Gregory "Greg" Sumner in Knots Landing)

Dwight Schultz

William Dwight Schultz

(Dwight Schultz - Murdock "Looping" in The A-Team)

William Fichtner

William Edward Fichtner

(William Fichtner - Alexander Mahone in Prison Break)

Dabbs Greer

William Greer

(Dabbs Greer - Le révérend Alden in Little House on the Prairie)

William Lucking

William Lucking

(William Lucking - Colonel Derryck Lynch in The A-Team)

William Shockley

William Martin Shockley

(William Shockley - Hank Lawson in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)

William Windom

William Windom

(William Windom - Docteur Seth Hazlett in Murder, she wrote)

Wolf Larson

Wolfgang von Wyszecki

(Wolf Larson - Détective Chester "Chase" McDonald in L.A. Heat)

Moonlighting Moonlighting

The top model Maddie Hayes was betrayed by her investment adviser who flew with all her money to South-America and began the hard life of a Casino owner. All the unfaithf...

Charisma Carpenter Charisma Carpenter

Born July 23, 1970 in Las Vegas, Charisma Carpenter was named after an Avon perfume (a fact that did not sit well with her). She studied classical ballet from age five. H...