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Arrow Dates : 2012 - 0
23 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : ----
Creator(s) : Andrew Kreisberg
Producer(s) : Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim
Music : Blake Neely
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Arrow has the story of a young man Oliver Queen who is found after several years spent on a desert island. Oliver beforewards and flirting is changed from his stay on the island.

Back in Ville Starling City, Oliver takes on the appearance of Green Arrow to save his city by leaving Starling City from the thugs present on the mysterious list that his father told him before dying ...

Arrow is an American television series created by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. The series was broadcast on the CW channel between 2012 and 2020 and follows the adventures of the former billionaire Playboy Oliver Queen, who becomes the masked vigilante known as Arrow after being Stranded on a deserted island for five years .

The series was inspired by the character of Green Arrow of DC Comics and introduced many other characters from the DC Comics universe, including Diggle, Canari and Lance. The series was very successful with fans and was praised for its performances by the actors, its captivating intrigue and its impressive special effects.

Over the seasons, Arrow follows Oliver Queen as he faces dangerous criminals and super-villains such as Dark Archer, Deathstroke and Prometheus, while hiding his secret identity with family and friends. The series also explored the origins of the characters and presented many flashbacks showing how Oliver became Arrow.

In addition to action and adventure, the series has also emphasized Oliver's personal relationships, in particular with his former childhood love, Laurel Lance, and with Felicity Smoak, a computer scientist and former member of his team. The series ended after eight seasons, leaving the satisfied but also nostalgic fans of one of the most popular superheroes of American television.

The Actors

Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell

(Oliver Queen)


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The vigilante Green Arrow comes from the universe of DC Comics.


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