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Bewitched Dates : 1964 - 1972
254 episodes of 26 min
First broadcasting : 17 juillet 1966
Creator(s) : Sol Saks
Producer(s) : Danny Arnold
Music : Warren Barker
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French Traduire


They're happy. They are married. They have everything that a little modern couple can have: a pretty little house, a garden, a barbecue, a car and a few friends so that all this serves something and finally love. Jean Pierre and Samantha are delighted.

She takes care of the house while her husband actively works in an advertising agency with her boss and friend, Alfred.

However Jean Pierre had a big surprise on the wedding day: Samantha admitted to him to be a witch. The daily then becomes strangely offbeat for Jean Pierre: for having convinced his wife not to use his powers, Jean Pierre will attract the wrath and the spells thrown by his mother-in-law, the Endora rattler ...

Please note, Audimat obliges, the moral and bourgeois values ​​always take over at the end. The kiss between Samantha and Jean-Pierre eternally concludes the episodes.

My beloved witch is an American television series which was broadcast on ABC from 1964 to 1972. The series follows the adventures of a witch named Samantha, who married a human, Darrin Stephens, and who tries to lead a normal life by hiding his magic powers. Although Darrin is often annoyed by Samantha's powers, he ends up accepting them and even taking advantage of them to solve problems in his professional life.

The main role of Samantha was interpreted by actress Elizabeth Montgomery, while Darrin was played by Dick York then Dick Sargent. The series also included several other characters, including the parents of Samantha, Endora and Maurice, as well as his aunt Clara and his uncle Arthur.

My beloved witch was a light comedy which was very popular during its broadcast, and which won several prizes, including four Emmy Awards. The series was also adapted in several films and television series, including a 2005 film featuring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

In addition to being entertaining, my beloved witch was also greeted for having tackled important social themes of the time, such as interracial relations and feminism. Samantha is indeed often confronted with sexism on the part of her husband and her male colleagues, and she must fight so that her voice is heard and to be treated with respect.

Over the episodes, Samantha and Darrin learn to appreciate each other and to accept each other, despite their differences, which makes it a touching and entertaining series at the same time.

The Actors

Elizabeth Montgomery
 - Samantha Stephens

Elizabeth Montgomery

(Samantha Stephens)

Dick York - Jean Pierre Stephens

Dick York

(Jean Pierre Stephens)

Dick Sargent - Jean Pierre (FR), Darren Stephens (US)

Dick Sargent

(Jean Pierre (FR), Darren Stephens (US))

Agnes Moorehead - Endora

Agnes Moorehead



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Two actors played the role of Jean-Pierre (Darrin en VO): Dick York from 1964 to 1969, (he abandoned following the consequences of an accident), and Dick Sargent from 1969 to 1972.

Do you know that there is a series derived from "My beloved witch"? "Tabatha" (Tabitha in VO) features the daughter of Samantha and Jean-Pierre, between 1976 and 1978. Tabatha was played by Lisa Hartman, and Robert Urich (Spensier) had a role. This series did not have much success and was not broadcast in France.


Filming locations:

Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch, Burbank, California, USA

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