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Charles in charge

Charles in charge Dates : 1984 - 1990
126 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 27 Janvier 1992
Creator(s) : Al Burton
Producer(s) : Al Burton et Michael Jacobs
Music : Al Burton, Todd Hayen et Timothy Thompson
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French Traduire


Charles takes care of it presents the daily life of Charles, a young 19-year-old student, who works as a boy-au-pair to pay for his studies. Precisely, Mr and Mrs Pembroke is looking for someone to take care of their children: Lila (14), a cute young girl who only thinks of boys, Douglas (12), a joker boy, and Jason, the Happy Luron of the family. Although at the start the Pembroke would have preferred a girl to take care of their children, they will quickly make this situation.

A year later, the Pembroke moved to Seattle and sell their house to the Powell. If we rarely see Mr. Powell, who works as a soldier in the southern seas, his father (himself withdrawn from the navy) takes care of the family in his place. The family is made up of Ellen Powell and her three children: Jamie (14), a young girl extroverted and talkative, Sarah (13), more reserved and workers and Adam (12), a little boy who likes to annoy her sisters. Also appear in the series, Buddy Lembeck, the best friend of Charles and Gwendolyne Pierce, of whom the latter is in love.

Later in the series, Charles's mother (Lillian) comes to visit him, before finally settled in New Brunswick and buy a pizzeria (which will then be transformed into coffee). Towards the end of the series, Charles will fall in love with a new young girl, Stéphanie (his most serious relationship since Gwendoline) and his cousin Anthony will also come to New Brunswick.

In the last episode, Charles integrates the prestigious Princeton University.

Charles was responsible for it was an American television series broadcast between 1984 and 1990. She featured Scott Baio in the role of Charles, a young man hired to take care of a family of three children. The series was very popular at the time of its broadcasting, especially with adolescents.

In the series, Charles is a psychology student who works as "baby-sitter" for the Powell family. The Powells are made up of Walter, a university professor, his wife Jill and their three children: Jason, Lila and Douglas. In addition to taking care of children, Charles must also help Walter and Jill with various household chores.

Over the series, Charles falls in love with Walter's sister, Gwendolyn, interpreted by Julie Cobb. The relationship between Charles and Gwendolyn is often at the center of the plot, with ups and downs. The series was also known for its famous guests, including Wil Wheaton, who played the role of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In addition to Scott Baio, other known actors have appeared in Charles in charge, notably Willie Aames, James T. Callahan and Nancy Everhard. The series was created by Barbara Weisberg and Michael Jacobs, and produced by Viacom Productions. It was broadcast on the CBS network for five seasons, before being canceled in 1990. Although the series ended several years ago, it remains one of the most popular programs of the time for fans of sitcoms.

The Actors

Scott Baio - Charles

Scott Baio


Willie Aames - Buddy Lembeck

Willie Aames

(Buddy Lembeck)

Justin Whalin - Anthony

Justin Whalin


James T Callahan - Walter Powell

James T Callahan

(Walter Powell)

Nicole Eggert - Jamie Powell

Nicole Eggert

(Jamie Powell)

Erika Eleniak - Stephanie Curtis

Erika Eleniak

(Stephanie Curtis)


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When the series begins on CBS in 1984, it did not win much success and was canceled after only 22 episodes. It will finally resurface in 1987 for four new seasons, but broadcast in the mode of "syndication" (simultaneous broadcast on different local channels) this time. Charles and Bundy are the only "survivors" of the 1st season. It must be said that the two actors who embody them were already known to the general American public for having participated in two major series of the 70s: Happy Days and eight is enough (broadcast in France in the Dorothée club). Only, if Scott Baio's career has been reinforced by the popularity of Charles is responsible for it, it is not the same for Willie Aames who has practically turned nothing since!

Among the other actors who participated in the series, we will note that Erika Eleniak and Nicole Eggert both participated in alert in Malibu (but not at the same time), however the one that got out of it is Josie Davis that 'We have seen since in many successful series (The Fires of Love, Beverly Hills, Titans ...).

The kinship between Happy Days and Charles takes care of it remains uncertain. On the one hand, we notice many similarities (the real name of Chachi in Happy Days is Charles, her mother was also interpreted by Ellen Travolta - John's sister - and her father died in both series), but 'Other, it is clear that no reference is made to the series of the 70s or its characters.

This series marks the return to comedy for Scott Baio, indeed after Happy Days he had tried the song with the title "Boys Are Out Tonight", but it was a failure, hence his return to TV.


Filming locations:

  • Universal Studios, Universal City, California, USA

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