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Columbo Dates : 1968 - 2003
69 episodes of 90 min
First broadcasting : 20 DĂ©cembre 1972
Creator(s) : William Link et Richard Levinson
Producer(s) : William Link et Richard Levinson
Music : Henry Mancini
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At first glance, Lieutenant Columbo seems to be a tired and clumsy investigator. However, when he investigates a homicide, no detail escapes him and thanks to his relentless deductions, he manages to go up the murderer's track which should not have underestimated him.

Columbo is an American television series created by Richard Levinson and William Link and broadcast between 1971 and 2003. The series follows the adventures of the Los Angeles police inspector, Frank Columbo, a cynical and clumsy detective that resolves complex crimes thanks to its insight and its intuition.

The series stands out for its unique format, in which the identity of the culprit is revealed from the start of the episode, highlighting Columbo's strategies to trap the culprit and bring together the necessary evidence to instill it. Although Columbo is often underestimated and abused by the criminals he pursues, he always ends up winning victory thanks to his perseverance and his intelligence.

The character of Columbo is interpreted by Peter Falk, who won four Emmy Awards for his role. The series was hailed by criticism for its complexity and quality of writing, and is considered one of the best police series of all time. She has also inspired many other television series, including Monk and Psych.

The Actors

Peter Falk - Lieutenant Columbo

Peter Falk

(Lieutenant Columbo)


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