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Gemini man

Gemini man Dates : 1976 - 1976
12 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 09 avril 1977
Creator(s) : Harvey Bennett d'après l'oeuvre de H.G. Wells
Producer(s) : Leslie Stevens/Steve Bochco (MCA)
Music : Lee Holdridge, Mark Snow
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Sam Casey, a special agency of the Intersect agency, victim of nuclear radiation, sometimes becomes completely invisible ...

The new invisible man (Gemini Man) was an American television series broadcast in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She was inspired by a comic strip of the same name and followed the adventures of Scott Elliott, a scientist who had discovered how to become invisible. The series was very popular at the time and was broadcast for two seasons.

In the series, Scott Elliott was a brilliant researcher working for a secret organization known as Gemini Project. Using a formula he had created, he had managed to become invisible at will. However, this formula had dangerous side effects, in particular increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and a progressive loss of its sight.

Despite these side effects, Scott used his invisibility powers to help the authorities fight crime and protect innocent people. He was often helped in his missions by his friend and colleague, Doctor Ben Richmond. Together, they faced many enemies such as criminals, spies and extraterrestrials.

The new invisible man was a series of adventure and action, which featured impressive special effects for the time. The series was greeted for its imagination and thrilling intrigue, and was watched by millions of viewers around the world. Although it is no longer broadcast today, it remains one of the most emblematic television series of its time.


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The series was conceived as a second attempt to adapt H G Wells' The Invisible Man into a spy series, following the first failed attempt starring David McCallum the previous season.


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