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Gimme a Break !

Gimme a Break ! Dates : 1981 - 1987
137 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 02 Avril 1991
Creator(s) : Mort Lachman et Sy Rosen
Producer(s) : Arthur Julian, Coleman Mitchell et Geoffrey Neigher
Music : Bob Christianson
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Carl Kanisky is a police officer in Glen Lawn in California. After the death of his wife, he called on his friend Nell Harper to take care of the house and his three daughters. The sympathetic family will widen with the arrival of Stanley, the father of Carl, and Joey, a young orphan that Nell will take care of.

Allo Nelly Bobo (original title: Gimme A Break!) Was an American sitcom which was broadcast on NBC from 1981 to 1987. The series featured Nell Carter in the role of Nell Harper, a black widow who is hired as governess by A white police chief named Carl Kanisky (played by Dolph Sweet) and his family.

The series was created by death Lachman and Sy Rosen and was produced by Stu Silver. She won an Emmy Award in 1982 for the best actress in a comic series for the role of Nell Carter.

Over the years, the series has introduced new characters, notably Samantha Kanisky (played by Lara Jill Miller), Carl's daughter, and Joey Donovan (played by Kari Michaelsen), Samantha's girlfriend. The series also presented famous guests, notably Betty White, Danny Glover and Quincy Jones.

The main theme of the series was the importance of the family and the community, with Nell Harper playing the cement that maintained everyone together. The episodes often staged family conflicts and social problems, but they were generally resolved thanks to compassion, humor and love.

In addition to being a popular comedy, Allo Nelly Bobo was also one of the first television programs to highlight a black family on American television. The series was widely praised for its progressive and fair approach to racial and social issues, and it was a pioneer in the representation of black characters on television.

Despite its success, the series ended in 1987 after six seasons. Nevertheless, it remains an emblematic television program which was appreciated by millions of viewers and which helped to change the way in which black characters were represented on television.

The Actors

Nell Carter - Nellie Ruth

Nell Carter

(Nellie Ruth "Nell" Harper)

Joseph Lawrence - Joey Donovan

Joseph Lawrence

(Joey Donovan)

Rosie O'Donnell - Maggie O'Brien

Rosie O'Donnell

(Maggie O'Brien)


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Helen Hunt auditioned for the role of Katie Kanisky.

Nell's middle name is Ruth, which, in reality, was also Nell Carter's middle name.

The episode "Cat Story", , was aired live over NBC-TV on 2 March 1985.

Dolph Sweet's final episode aired on 11 May 1985, three days after his death.


Filming locations:

Metromedia, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio)

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