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Hooperman Dates : 1987 - 1989
42 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 12 Mars 1988
Creator(s) : Steven Bochco et Terry Louise Fisher,
Producer(s) : Rick Kellard et Robert M Myman
Music : Mike Post
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French Traduire


Harry Hooperman is a detective in the San Francisco police. But, following an inheritance, he also becomes the manager of a building and the owner of a dog.

Flic to all (Hooperman in English) was an American television series which was broadcast between 1987 and 1989. The series featured John Ritter in the role of Inspector Harry Hooperman, a police officer working in the district of San Francisco.

The series followed the adventures of Hooperman as it resolved criminal investigations in the city. He was assisted by his teammate, Inspector Wilbur Stirman (interpreted by Jimmie Walker), as well as by his colleagues officers Peggy Bunker (interpreted by Barbara Bosson) and Bobby McKenna (interpreted by Demond Wilson).

In addition to resolving criminal cases, the series highlighted the personal relationships of Hooperman and his colleagues. Hooperman also owned a dog named Bowser, who was often present in the episodes.

The series was well received by critics and won several prizes, including an Emmy for John Ritter in 1988. Despite this, it was not renewed for a third season and ended in 1989 after two seasons and 33 episodes.

In summary, Flic à Tout was an American television series which followed the adventures of Inspector Harry Hooperman and his colleagues when they resolved criminal affairs in the city of San Francisco. The series was well received by critics and won several prizes, but was not renewed for a third season and ended in 1989.

The Actors

Dan Lauria - Lou Stern

Dan Lauria

(Lou Stern)

Barbara Bosson - Celeste Stern

Barbara Bosson

(Celeste Stern)

John Ritter - Detective Harry Hooperman

John Ritter

(Detective Harry Hooperman)


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