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Houston Knights

Houston Knights Dates : 1987 - 1989
31 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 06 Juillet 1988
Creator(s) : Michael Butler et Jay Bernstein
Producer(s) : Gray Frederickson et John Ziffren
Music : Dennis Mccarthy
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French Traduire


Transferred from the Chicago police in Houston, Texas, Sergeant Joe La Fiamma must team up with Sergeant Levon Lundy, a slightly rustic Texan cop.

From the start, the current goes very badly between the city dweller with varnish shoes and the cowboy in the Stetson and the 'Tiags. Indeed all opposes them, from style to clothing in their own way, even to their investigation method. It is not uncommon for their superior officer, Lieutenant Joanne Beaumont, to have to separate these two roosters.

Alas, Joey cannot go back to Chicago: most of his family is part of the Sicilian mafia and his profession forced him to trumpear his loved ones ... This is why his uncle made a deal with the pundes of the Mafia: As long as Joey stays in Houston, far from their business, he will have nothing to fear.

Against bad fortune, Fiamma and Lundy will team up and clean the city of Houston with all its Greeks, and who knows, perhaps even "Ami-Amis".

The Actors

Michael Paré - Sergent Joey La Fiamma

Michael Paré

(Sergent Joey La Fiamma)

Michael Beck - Sergent Levon Lundy

Michael Beck

(Sergent Levon Lundy)


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Filming locations:

Houston, Texas, USA

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