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It takes a thief

It takes a thief Dates : 1968 - 1970
66 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 11 Juillet 1970
Creator(s) : Roland Kibbee
Producer(s) : Glen A. Larson
Music : Dave Grusin
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French Traduire


Operation Vol features Alexander Mundy Ex-Cambrioleur recovered by the US government via SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency) to execute certain delicate missions where its special talents are used.

Noah Bain (Malachi Throne) invites him to fly for the government in exchange for her freedom. Hence the famous sentence from the American generic mysteriously disappeared during the replay on 13th rue: "Hey, look, al, i'm not asking you to spy, the just asking you to steal." Litestly "let's see Al I do not ask you to be a spy, all I ask you is to fly".

Operation Vol (It Takes A Thief in English) was an American television series which was broadcast between 1968 and 1970. The series was an action comedy that featured Robert Wagner as the hero, Alexander Mundy. Mundy was a renowned professional burglar who had been incarcerated for her crimes, but had been released by the government to work as a secret agent. The series followed Mundy's adventures while he was carrying out missions on behalf of the government using his burglar skills to infiltrate criminal organizations and steal valuables. The series was very popular at the time of its broadcasting and was greeted for its humor and its well -paid action.


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During the 3rd season, Malachi Throne was replaced by Edward Binns in the role of the head of the SIA.

Fred Astaire played there in several episodes of this same season3 as Alexander's father, Alister Mundy and is also a former thief.


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