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Kojak Dates : 1973 - 1978
118 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 8 Janvier 1975
Creator(s) : Abby Mann & Matthew Rapf
Producer(s) : Abby Mann & Matthew Rapf
Music : John Cacavas & Billy Goldenberg & Kim Richmond
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Lt. Theo Kojak is the main character in this popular television police drama. Kojak is a tough cop, but his trademark is a fondness for lollipops. Despite his difficult work, he tirelessly brings criminals to justice while staying upbeat and good-natured.

The Actors

Telly Savalas - Lieutenant Theo Kojak

Telly Savalas

(Lieutenant Theo Kojak)


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Kojak's trademark lollypop was introduced as a cigarette substitute after Telly Savalas gave up smoking.

The series was translated to Hungarian in the 1970s. The Actor, who gave his voice to Kojak, László Inke resembled Telly Savalas so much that a Hungarian movie was shot in which he actually played Kojak (the title is: Kojak Budapesten, and it was shot in 1980). While the original series is colored, the Hungarian film is black and white. Also, according to the plot of Kojak Budapesten, Kojak was born in Hungary, and had been a very clumsy cop before emigrating.


Filming locations:

  • City Hall - 200 N. Spring St., Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • New York City, New York, USA


Authors of the card

  • Creation date: 2003/07/01 by misou

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