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Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants Dates : 1968 - 1970
51 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting :
Creator(s) : Irwin Allen
Producer(s) : Irwin Allen
Music : Richard LaSalle
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In 1983, the New York-London line was served by space flights. During one of its flights, however, an accident occurs: the Spindriff crosses a strange cloud and arises in disaster on a strange planet. Three crew members and four of their passengers will then discover that they landed on a planet populated by men and animals that make their size ten times.

They will have to survive among these hostile giants and try to repair their ship while avoiding being captured.

In the land of giants (Land of the Giants) was an American science fiction TV series broadcast between 1968 and 1970. It was produced by Irwin Allen and staged a group of characters stuck on a planet populated by gigantic creatures. The group was made up of the heroine Betty Hamilton, driver Steve Burton, Betty’s younger brother, Fitzhugh, actor Barry Lockridge and on -board officer Dan Erickson.

The series highlighted themes such as survival and struggle for freedom in an unknown and hostile world. The characters had to learn to adapt to their new life on this planet, where they were considered giants by the inhabitants of the planet. They also had to face dangers such as hostile creatures, extreme weather conditions and problems related to advanced technology on the planet.

The series was greeted for its ambitious realization and its innovative special effects for the time. She won an Emmy Award in 1969 for the best special television effects. Although it was only broadcast for two seasons, it has become a classic science fiction and has been rebroadcast several times since its first dissemination.

The Actors

Kurt Kasznar - Alexander B. Fitzhugh

Kurt Kasznar

(Alexander B. Fitzhugh)


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