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Mannix Dates : 1967 - 1975
194 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 02 Janvier 1969
Creator(s) : Richard Levinson et William Link
Producer(s) : Bruce Geller
Music : Lalo Schifrin
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Joe Mannix works for the Intertect company, an investigative organization at the cutting edge of technology (in 1967, this comes down to one or two good old IBM 360). The stories depict the conflict between Mannix, a lonely lonely opposed to computer science and which constantly defies the rules; And Lou Wickersham, his superior, who believes in the scientific approach in order to resolve crimes ... The good old methods of the past against the first hesitant steps of progress ...

Despite his excellent results, Joe Mannix, overwhelmed by events, prefers to take the door and opens his own private detective agency in a small office, on the first floor of the building in which he lives (17 Paseo Verde).

His faithful secretary, Peggy Fair also decides to let go to accompany him. Her husband, a police officer who died in the exercise of his duties, was a friend of Joe.

Joe kept some contacts with the Los Angeles police, such as Lieutenant Adam Tobias for example. No need for these damned #$@%§ of computers !!!

Mannix seems to have a small weakness for sandwiches and sports cars (Dodge 1968, Plymouth Barracuda 1970 convertible, Dodge Challenger Hardtop 1973 ...).

Mannix was an American television series broadcast between 1967 and 1975. The series featured Mike Connors in the role of Joe Mannix, a private detective from Los Angeles.

The series followed the adventures of Mannix while it resolved complex and dangerous affairs by working alone or in collaboration with friends and colleagues. Mannix was known for his physical strength, his intelligence and his determination to resolve the affairs entrusted to him.

In addition to Mike Connors, other famous actors played in Mannix, notably Gail Fisher, who won an Emmy for her role as Peggy Fair, Mannix secretary, and Joseph Campanella, who played the role of Lou Wickersham, A friend and colleague from Mannix.

Over the years, Mannix has been greeted for its intense action and its high quality realization. The series has won several awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards for the best achievement and the best assembly.

Despite its success, Mannix was canceled in 1975 after eight seasons. The series was replaced by another popular show, Kojak. However, Mannix remains a cult series for many television fans and continues to be appreciated for its thrilling intrigue and its complex characters.

The Actors

Mike Connors - Joe Mannix

Mike Connors

(Joe Mannix)

Gail Fisher - Peggy Fair

Gail Fisher

(Peggy Fair)


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Mannix was at the origin of the large fashion of private detective series which were to invade the small screen during the 1970s. Where his predecessors (Peter Gunn, Johnny Staccato, ...) officiated amateurs, Joe Mannix lived from this profession , and claimed a professional in the trade.

The creators of the series, William Link and Richard Levinson (also creators of series like Columbo or Arabesque) wanted, by launching this show, staging a private detective who would be "Humphrey Bogart at MCA".

Bruce Geller (mission impossible) was responsible for putting the series on the rails. He thus launched the concept of Interect, for which work Joe Mannix, who receives missions through a super computer when he hardly seems passionate about progress. However, this frame, and the general concept of the series, will be modified at the dawn of the second season. Mannix will thus become (and for the rest of the series) an ex -copyone who founds his own agency, and who hires a secretary, widow of his murdered partner. A great feature of the series, moreover, for the time, that this secretary of the hero who was in color. Actress Gail Fisher was also rewarded for an Emmy Award for this role.

Special mention also for the credits, in the form of a kaleidoscope, which - in the same way as the melody composed by Lalo Schifrin - remains engraved in all memories: a chain of action scenes shown in various angles, which were used to compose each letter of the title of the series.


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