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Mannix Dates : 1967 - 1975
194 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 02 Janvier 1969
Creator(s) : Richard Levinson et William Link
Producer(s) : Bruce Geller
Music : Lalo Schifrin
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One of the most violent detective series in TV history, "Mannix" tells the weekly adventures of private eye Joe Mannix, who originally worked for a high-concept computerized firm known as Intertect, but later opened his own agency at 17 Paseo Verde, Los Angeles, California. Peggy Fair was his black secretary, who was frequently kidnapped. Lots of shootings, car chases, fights, and crashes.

The Actors

Mike Connors - Joe Mannix

Mike Connors

(Joe Mannix)

Gail Fisher - Peggy Fair

Gail Fisher

(Peggy Fair)


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Peggy's husband was a police officer that was killed in the line of duty.

In the first season, Mannix worked for a company named Intertech. Each week the company computer (also referred to as Intertech) would give Mannix an assignment. Mannix didn't know who had actually contracted with Intertech nor where his reports were going. The trouble with this concept is that if Mannix doesn't know the whole story neither do we. So the computer was dropped, and Mannix became a normal private eye getting assignments from real people.

During the 1972-73 season Mannix's car (a 1973 Plymouth Cuda convertible) were actually three 1971 models updated (by changing the grill/headlights, hood, and taillights panel) to look like a 1973 Cuda, as Plymouth no longer made the Cuda as a convertible, and driving a convertible had been a Mannix trademark since the show began.

Star Mike Connors complained that this show was not very good at showing the consequences of violence. He said Joe Mannix would get thrown down a flight of stairs in one scene and then appear without a scratch in the next.

An episode of the series "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) called "Hard-Boiled Murder" (episode # 4.17), was actually a sequel to the "Little Girl Lost" (episode # 7.4) episode of this series. Many of the same guest stars appeared in both episodes.

Mannix was of Armenian descent and spoke fluent Armenian and French.

Over the eight seasons of the series, Mannix was knocked unconscious 55 times and shot 17 times.


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