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Miami Vice

Miami Vice Dates : 1984 - 1989
114 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 19 Septembre 1986
Creator(s) : Michael MANN et Anthony YERKOVITCH
Producer(s) : Michael Mann
Music : Jan Hammer, Phil Collins, Glenn Frey,...
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French Traduire


An explosive tandem between two cops who have a priori nothing in common: one white, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), Divorced Play-Boy, rolling in Ferrari, and living alone, reclusive on a boat in the company of a ALLIGATOR, and the other, Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas), Métissé New York, attached to family traditions, who came to Miami to try to find the assassin of his brother.

A very "trendy" credits: tones pastels on the background of the turquoise sea, flamingos pink and luscious naiads, all cutting out on immense white buildings crushed from sun: this is the image of Miami, fourth financial place in the United States , lair of billionaires, and above all, hub of all traffic.

A radically new tone: Hard Rock, Funky Music, Reggae Sound often replace the dialogues while the biggest names in rock, from Miles Davis, to Phil Collins, via James Brown, Little Richard, and even Bruce Willis, come Play the "guest stars".

An elliptical montage, images that parade to the rhythm of music, bright colors sometimes overexposed ...

Michael Mann, the producer, made Miami vice a kind of video clip. A very particular look for the two heroes: dressed like real play-boys, driving a Ferrari Daytona (confiscated from a trafficker), they are more "fashion engraving" than urban cops and detonate completely within this community dealers, assassins, heroin traffickers with which Miami is infested.

A realism at the limits of violence: the shooting was carried out in the city of Miami, between spring 84 and that of 89. Faced with violence, very crude tone, drug stories, and the influx of tourists who came in The hope of seeing their two idols, the municipality quickly opposed the shooting in the streets ...

An unprecedented media phenomenon: even the CEO of the NBC chain wanted to be included - it is bartender in one of the episodes.

The two actors, Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, were named "honorary citizens" of Miami ... unheard of on television!

2 cops in Miami (Miami Vice) is an American television series which was broadcast between 1984 and 1990. The series features two police officers from Miami, Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, who work together to fight crime in the city. Crockett and Tubbs are hard, ruthless and effective police officers, who do not hesitate to use unconventional methods to stop criminals.

The series focuses on the surveys of the two cops, which are often involved in complex and dangerous cases. They often find themselves faced with drug traffickers, crooks and murderers, and must use all the means at their disposal to resolve the crimes and put the culprits behind bars.

Their work is complicated by the various rivalries and alliances that exist between the different gangs and drug cartels in the city, as well as by the machinations and the shenanigans of senior political leaders and crooked businessmen.

Crockett and Tubbs are complex and fascinating characters, who have complicated personal lives and troubled past. Crockett is a former drug of the narcotics brigade, who has lived a luxury and excess life before storing and becoming an integrated and respected cop. Tubbs, on the other hand, is a cop from the city of New York who arrived in Miami to find the man who killed his brother, and who ended up becoming a precious ally for Crockett.

Together, Crockett and Tubbs form a formidable team, which is not afraid to take risks and endanger their lives to enforce the law and protect the citizens of Miami. The series highlights their courage, their determination and their loyalty to their city and their work, and offers a fascinating overview of the life and dangers of Miami cops.

The Actors

Don Johnson - Sonny Crockett

Don Johnson

(Sonny Crockett)

Philip Michael Thomas - Ricardo Tubbs

Philip Michael Thomas

(Ricardo Tubbs)

Edward James Olmos - Martin Castillo

Edward James Olmos

(Martin Castillo)

Saundra Santiago - Detective Gina Navarro Calabrese

Saundra Santiago

(Detective Gina Navarro Calabrese)

Olivia Brown - Trudy Joplin

Olivia Brown

(Trudy Joplin)

John Diehl - Détective Larry Zito

John Diehl

(Détective Larry Zito)

Michael Talbott - Stan Switek

Michael Talbott

(Stan Switek)

Martin Ferrero - Izzy Moreno

Martin Ferrero

(Izzy Moreno)

Charlie Barnett - Neville

Charlie Barnett

(Neville "Noogie 'Lamont)

Chad Michael Murray - Lucas Scott

Chad Michael Murray

(Lucas Scott)

Hilarie Burton - Peyton Sawyer

Hilarie Burton

(Peyton Sawyer)

Bob Denver - Gilligan

Bob Denver



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Michael Mann almost had to beg Edward Jams Olmos to play the role of Castillo; He finally accepted but by posing his requirements and obtaining a right of way on his character. Which has not always been to Don Johnson and sometimes created some friction ... of his role in the series, Edward James Olmos said: "If we had been paid to the word, I would have been the actor Better paid from the United States! "

Most television reviews having seen the 1st season, applauded musical themes, who have seen artists like Glenn Frey, Phil Collins, Kate Bush, Jan Hammer ... Glenn Frey and Philins made some appearances on The series

The credits of the series ranked n ° 1 in the American charts for 11 weeks, and has become the most popular TV credits of all time. The composer of the credits, Jan Hammer, received a telephone call from congratulations from Henry Mancini, previous record holder with the song "Music from Peter Gunn", who had remained n ° 1 for 10 weeks

The Ferrari Daytona of Crockett was a modified corvette. Ferrari's leaders, so shocked to see this ersatz become as popular as they offered their new car for the series, the Testarossa.

The executive producer, Michael Mann, created the series logo after visiting a painting store

In the last scene of the final episode, Sonny Crockett wears a T-shirt from the University of Kansas Jayhawk. Don Johnson was a student at this university

Actor Larry Wilcox (Chips) were among the casting finalists for the role of Sonny Crockett

The screenwriter of the series Hill Street Blues, Anthony Yerkovich, left her to write the 2-cop driver in Miami

David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser each managed an episode of the series. "Huggie good pipes". Antonia Fargas is one of the very many guest star


Filming locations:

  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Greenwich Studios - 12100 Ivan Tors Boulevard, Miami, Florida, USA (studio)
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Miami, Florida, USA
  • New York City, New York, USA
  • St. Andrews, Bahamas
  • St. Kitts, St Kitts and Nevis

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