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Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown Dates : 1988 - 1998
247 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 4 Mars 1990
Creator(s) : Diane English
Producer(s) : Diane English, Joel Shulovsky et Steven Peterman
Music : Andrew M. Chukerman et Steve Dorff
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Murphy Brown is a very selfish, stubborn, extremely hot-tempered but also talented, resourceful, clever and caring middle-aged reporter who works for FYI News Network and at the same time tries to raise her child as an unmarried, working woman. Her friends and co-workers, Corky, Jim, Frank and Miles, try to balance between her outbursts of anger and her family, personality or even financial crises. It's a difficult life for Murphy but she's got the guts to live it...

The Actors

Joe Regalbuto - Francis 'Frank' Fontana

Joe Regalbuto

(Francis 'Frank' Fontana)

Candice Bergen - Murphy Brown

Candice Bergen

(Murphy Brown)

Faith Ford - Corky Sherwood-Forrest

Faith Ford

(Corky Sherwood-Forrest)


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In the final episode of season four, Murphy Brown gave birth to her child, Avery. Around that time Vice President Dan Quayle, during a televised debate, criticized the show for introducing the theme of an unmarried woman having a child and thereby promoting the idea of single motherhood and the decay of family values, a hot issue during that year's election campaigning. The producers and writers retaliated in the 60-minute season premiere which aired 21 September 1992. The clip from the debate was featured prominently in the episode (entitled "You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato") and the majority of the writing made fun of VP Quayle's remarks.

The character Jim Dial was reportedly modeled after TV news reporter Jim Jensen of New York City's WCBS-TV.

Cameo: [Diane English] the series creator appeared on the last episode as a doctor.

The episode "A Chance of Showers" (episode 4.25) featured cameos by actual newscasters Katie Couric, Faith Daniels, Joan Lunden, Mary Alice Williams and Paula Zahn.

After receiving her 5th Emmy Award for the role of "Murphy Brown," Candice Bergen declined all future nominations for that role.

The outside building shown as Murphy Brown's home is the same building used to show as the home of Diana Prince in "Wonder Woman" (1976).


Filming locations:

Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, USA


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