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Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown Dates : 1988 - 1998
247 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 4 Mars 1990
Creator(s) : Diane English
Producer(s) : Diane English, Joel Shulovsky et Steven Peterman
Music : Andrew M. Chukerman et Steve Dorff
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The misadventures of Murphy Brown, television journalist with dirty character, selfish, ambitious, but nevertheless talented, intelligent and full of resources, within her team and the channel for whom she works, the fyi news network, as well as in her life deprived of a single mother ...

Murphy Brown is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1988 on the CBS network. The series follows the adventures of Murphy Brown, an award -winning and famous journalist who works for a news magazine in Washington D.C. Murphy is an intelligent, talented and ambitious woman, but she is also very impulsive and often confronted with personal difficulties.

Over the years, Murphy has been assisted by a group of friends and colleagues who help him sail in the troubled waters of politics and office life. Among them are Jim Dial, a veteran of the Vietnam War who heads the magazine, Frank Fontana, a sarcastic and talented journalist, and Corky Sherwood, a TV presenter who is jealous of the popularity of Murphy.

The series highlights the ups and downs of Murphy's professional life and his colleagues, as well as the challenges they face on a daily basis. She tackles subjects such as politics, journalism, romantic relationships and personal struggles, and often refers to the events of the news of the time.

Murphy Brown was a critical and commercial success, winning numerous prizes and awards over the years, including 18 Emmy Awards. The series ended in 1998 after 10 seasons, but was brought back to the screen in 2018 for an eleventh season.

The Actors

Joe Regalbuto - Francis 'Frank' Fontana

Joe Regalbuto

(Francis 'Frank' Fontana)

Candice Bergen - Murphy Brown

Candice Bergen

(Murphy Brown)

Faith Ford - Corky Sherwood-Forrest

Faith Ford

(Corky Sherwood-Forrest)


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This sitcom which lasted more than ten years on the CBS has attracted the lightning of numerous conservative associations because it addressed many taboo subjects, and in particular the adoption of a child without being married. It may seem commonplace today but in the late 1980s, many people still saw that in a bad eye, especially in the USA. With an unrivaled depth in the world of sitcoms (although series like Friends have also tackled sensitive subjects such as the surrogate mother or lesbian marriage), the series did not decrease before any taboo. Thus, during the last season, Murphy has breast cancer and over the episodes, it is followed against the disease with a lot of humor and dignity.

An offender rose around this series when the candidate for George Bush vice-president in the 1992 elections, Dan Quayle, had spoken against the fact that in the Murphy Brown series was positively presented the pregnancy of a single -parent mother.

Another funny fact: the secretaries of Murphy Brown. With each episode, they were replaced. They were still unbalanced and unable to do their job well.


Filming locations:

Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, USA

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