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Peyton Place

Peyton Place Dates : 1964 - 1969
514 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 13 septembre 1975
Creator(s) :
Producer(s) : Irna Philips et Paul Monash
Music : Franz Waxman
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Peyton Place is a small town in New England, in Massachussets, where life is marked by the actions of families in sight. The intrigue is woven in the secret of confessions and indiscretions, leading to the most fiery or the most terrible dramas. New to this city, it is following Doctor Michael Rossi that we are going to enter the secret of these large families like that of the Harrington, descendants of the founders of the city. Until sometimes unearthed the best buried secrets ...

Peyton Place is an American television series created by Paul Monash and broadcast between 1964 and 1969. She recounts the adventures of a group of characters living in the fictitious city of Peyton Place, in the county of Carroll, in the state of Maine. The series was one of the first to explore adult themes such as adolescence, romantic relationships, homosexuality, racism and intolerance.

The main character in the series is Allison Mackenzie, a 17-year-old teenager who lives with her father, Dr. Michael Rossi, and her grandmother, Constance Mackenzie. Allison is in love with Rodney Harrington, a boy her age, but their relationship is tested by the secrets and lies that surround their city.

Other important characters in the series include the Sheriff George Anderson and his wife, Rita, as well as the inhabitants of Peyton place such as the Carrington, the Jacks, the Denning and the Dowell. The series was very successful and has been broadcast in many countries around the world. She also inspired a film, a series of novels and a mini-series.


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