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Police Squad!

Police Squad! Dates : 1982 - 1982
6 episodes of 24 min
First broadcasting : 6 juin 1989
Creator(s) : David Zucker, Jerry Zucker et Jim Abrahams
Producer(s) : David Zucker, Jerry Zucker et Jim Abrahams
Music : Ira Newborn
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French Traduire


Marginally a "straight" police drama in the Jack Webb/Quinn Martin school, Police Squad occurs in a strange universe where everything is taken literally (when a name "rings a bell" we here bells go off everytime someone mentions it), non sequiturs occur (a mime tries to spell out a ransom note, and Officer Nordberg guesses "Theme From a Summer Place") and sight gags abound (while looking for a corpse, someone wants to know the time and the dead man's hand drops out of a tree).

The Actors

Leslie Nielsen - Franck Drebin

Leslie Nielsen

(Franck Drebin)

Alan North - Capitaine Ed Hocken

Alan North

(Capitaine Ed Hocken)


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