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Police Squad!

Police Squad! Dates : 1982 - 1982
6 episodes of 24 min
First broadcasting : 6 juin 1989
Creator(s) : David Zucker, Jerry Zucker et Jim Abrahams
Producer(s) : David Zucker, Jerry Zucker et Jim Abrahams
Music : Ira Newborn
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French Traduire


Franck Drebin is a lieutenant of the Los Angeles police. It solves surveys, but the intrigues are unusual! Indeed, the stories evolve in a very wacky atmosphere. The characters and all the episodes are parodies of other series. Laughter all along!

Squad police! is a comic American television series created by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker. The series was broadcast for the first time in 1982 and lasted only six episodes before being canceled due to low audiences.

The series featured Leslie Nielsen in the role of Lieutenant Frank Drebin, a casual and clumsy detective responsible for resolving crimes for the Squad police, a special unit of the Los Angeles police. Lieutenant Drebin was often accompanied by his colleagues, the ED Hocken and Nordberg sergeants, who helped him in his investigations.

Despite its short duration, Squad police! was greeted by criticism for his absurd humor and his use of visual gags and parodies of police film. The series was also the inspiration for the comic trilogy of the films The adventures of Jerry Maguire, with the main characters being taken up in the films.

Despite its early cancellation, Squad police! is still widely appreciated by comedy fans and continues to be considered one of the most original and funniest comic series in television history.

The Actors

Leslie Nielsen - Franck Drebin

Leslie Nielsen

(Franck Drebin)

Alan North - Capitaine Ed Hocken

Alan North

(Capitaine Ed Hocken)


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