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Strange luck

Strange luck Dates : 1995 - 1996
17 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 17 Novembre 1996
Creator(s) : Karl Schaefer
Producer(s) : David Carson
Music : Michael Baber
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Chance Harper, a freelance photographer journalist - has the annoying tendency to be in uninvable situations but he always manages to get out of it.

The only miraculous survivor of an airplane crash in his childhood which gives him an incredible chance.

The American television series funny luck (original title: Strange Luck) was broadcast for the first time in 1995 and lasted only one season, comprising 22 episodes. It was produced by Fox Television Studios and followed the adventures of luck Harper, a line pilot who, following an airplane accident, was struck by lightning and acquired the ability to predict future events.

Chance uses her donation to help people and resolve surveys, accompanied by her friend and investigative partner, Dolly, and her girlfriend, Fay, a journalist. The series was mainly focused on the themes of destiny and premonition, and explored how the choices we make can affect our future.

The main role of luck Harper was interpreted by D.B. Sweeney, who also played in films such as the last of the Mohicans and Memphis Belle. The character of Dolly was embodied by actress Jaclyn Smith, famous for her role in the series Charlie's Angels, and the character of Fay was interpreted by actress Paula Marshall, known for her appearances in series such as Californication and Nip/ Tuck.

Despite a good start in terms of audience, the series was canceled after a season due to its low listening scores. However, she continued to have a small group of faithful fans over the years and is considered a classic from the 1990s.