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Street Hawk

Street Hawk Dates : 1985 - 1985
13 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 25 Avril 1986
Creator(s) : Robert WOLTERSTORFF et Paul M. BELOUS
Producer(s) : Bruce Lansbury
Music : Christopher Franke, Edgar Froese, et Johannes Schmölling
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French Traduire


Jesse Mach (Rex Smith) is a motorcycle passionate police officer. His stuntman's talents were noticed by Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto), an engineer working for the federal government, who has developed an extremely sophisticated motorcycle, "Street Hawke" or the "Fake of the Streets".

This machine must be used secretly in crime situations normally involving the intervention of the police. Tuttle needs a character from Jesse Mach's caliber to drive her racing car. The commitment he asks him is a commitment to life with the obligation to keep his identity secret. Jesse accepts ...

He will be the only pilot of this machine which can take thirty meters in the air as well as to attack and neutralize the enemy thanks to a system of laser rays. Impressive...

All closely followed by Norman who, from a central computer, controls the technical functions of "street hawk" and warns Jesse of the danger.

Both, whose characters are so different, will get to know each other and train an amazing team.

Mechanical Tonnerre (Street Hawk in English) was an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1985. The series featured a futuristic super-motorcycle called Street Hawk, which was used by an infiltrated police officer to fight crime in the streets of Los Angeles.

The main character in the series was Jesse Mach (interpreted by Rex Smith), a former speed motorcycle that had been seriously injured in an accident. After being recruited by the Street Hawk project, Jesse used the high-tech motorcycle to fight crime under cover. The series followed Jesse's adventures when he faced dangerous criminals and forces that wanted to end the Street Hawk project.

The series was known for its impressive special effects, including the Moto Street Hawk itself, which had superhuman capacities such as supersonic speed and the ability to jump large buildings. The series also presented actors such as Joe Regalbuto and launches Legault in secondary roles.

Unfortunately, the series lasted only one season of 13 episodes due to high production costs and low audiences. However, the series has won a certain cult recognition over the years and remains an important part of the history of American television.

The Actors

Rex Smith - Jesse Mach

Rex Smith

(Jesse Mach)

Joe Regalbuto - Norman Tuttle

Joe Regalbuto

(Norman Tuttle)

Richard Venture - Leo Altobelli

Richard Venture

(Leo Altobelli)


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15 motorcycles were used in all:

1 Honda XL 500 for the pilot episode

3 Honda XR 500 for the rest of the series

11 Honda XCR 250 for waterfalls

One of the motorcycles was on sale on Ebay for $ 12,000. It was bought by the stuntman of the series, Chris Bromham

Another of the motorcycles used was purchased by the host Vincent Perrot.

In the episode "Unforeseen visit", one of the main roles is held by Georges Clooney: he embodies a friend of Jesse, whose mission is to kill mechanical thunder. When he realizes his identity, he sacrifices himself to save his friend.


Filming locations:

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