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The Champions

The Champions Dates : 1968 - 1969
30 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 17 juillet 1971
Creator(s) : Monty Berman et Dennis Spooner
Producer(s) : Monty Berman et Johnny Goodman
Music : Edwin Astley
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Craig, Richard and Sharon, three secret agents belonging to an organization called Nemesis, crash into the Himalayas during a mission. Collected by Tibetan monks, who are in reality beings from a very advanced civilization, the three heroes find themselves endowed with superhuman powers which they will put at the service of British intelligence and, thus, face extraordinary enemies.

The champions was an American science fiction television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1968. The series featured a group of secret agents who had superpowers thanks to genetic experiences carried out on them. The group was made up of Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready, and Richard Barrett, who worked for a secret organization called the International Peace Research Organization (International Peace Research Organization or IPRO).

The series took place in a world where technology had evolved at an advanced level, and where superpowers were common. The champions were elite agents who had been chosen for their intelligence, their physical strength, and their ability to work in a team. They were in charge of dangerous and secret missions which often involved enemies such as terrorists, spies, and enemies of the state.

The group was led by a mysterious character called Professor John Knight, who was an expert in advanced sciences and genetics. He had created champions superpowers and was responsible for their training and development. The series was full of action and suspense, and the main characters were often involved in proceedings, fights, and battles against hostile forces.

Despite its short duration, the champions was a critical and public success, and has become an icon of popular culture. The series has been broadcast in many countries around the world, and has inspired many other science fiction programs that have followed. Although the series is now considered a classic of television, it remains popular with science fiction fans and fantastic imagination.


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