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The facts of life

The facts of life Dates : 1979 - 1988
209 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 26 Juillet 1987
Creator(s) : Jenna McMahon et Dick Clair
Producer(s) : Ils sont plusieurs
Music : Al Burton, Ray Colcord, Gloria Loring et Alan Thicke
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French Traduire


This "spin-off" of the popular sitcom "Arnold and Willy" was focused at the base on Edna Garett, the ex-cleaning lady of the Drumond who took a work as a dormitory chief at the prestigious school for girls 'Eastland. Ms. Garrett was responsible for girls aged 11 to 15, including Blair, 15, rich and attractive; Nancy, 14, young girl from a good family; Sue Ann, 14, cute and very attracted to boys; Tootie, 11, inveterate pipelette; And finally Natalie, plump and easily impressionable.

The seasons passing, the series has naturally evolved. Ms. Garett has taken on the braid and obtained new responsibilities. A new character has also arrived: Jo, a 16 -year -old girl from the Bronx who is very hard to hide her lack of confidence and her weaknesses. The director will also change and it is the lack of consideration of this new boss with regard to Ms. Garett who will bring a major change in 1983: frustrated to be underpaid and considered as an element of the decor, Edna Entrusts his son Raymond, an accountant of his condition which bought a food store in the neighboring city of Peekskill, New York, and lets her reopen as a store for gastronomes. Thus was born on the "Edna'Dibles". Blair and Jo (who were now going to the neighboring University of Langley), Tootie and Natalie (still in Eastland) moved there, and their good moments were able to continue.

In the seventh season, a fire destroys the store and Mrs. Garrett and the girls are forced to rebuild it and then embark on any other things: a version updated of a Malt store from the 1950s, selling Everything, from ice cream to discs through t-shirts, and called "over our heads (" above our heads "), in which girls were all associated. Among the new characters, there was Andy , the racing boy, and George, the young and beautiful carpenter who helped reconstruction. The following year, Ms. Garrett remarried and leaves, replaced by her very talkative sister, Beverly Ann, who becomes the news "Mother of the home" and Andy's stepmother at the same time.

In the last season, the "girls" have become women and everyone is embarked on adult life: Natalie, the aspiring author, experienced the first taste for the life of an author in New York, and is also The first to lose your virginity. Jo, who started a business career, married Rick, an independent musician. Tootie, who got engaged with Jeff, enrolled in the Pressigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, in order to become an actress. But the one whose turn in life was most surprising, was Blair who bought the Eastland school and resumed the post of director.

Funny life (The Facts of Life in English) is an American television series which was broadcast from 1979 to 1988. It was created by Bernard West and Gene Reynolds and produced by Lorimar Television. The series was broadcast on the NBC network for nine seasons.

Funny life follows the adventures of a group of young girls who live in a boarding school for girls called Eastland School. The group is made up of four friends: Blair Warner, Jo Polniaczek, Natalie Green and Tootie Ramsey. The boarding school is led by Miss Garret, a nurse and educator who helps girls to sail in the different stages of their growth and their development.

The series was very popular at the time and won several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award in 1981 for the best scenario in a comic series. She was also nominated for two Golden Globe Awards in 1982 and 1983.

Funny life has been broadcast in many countries around the world and has been translated into several languages. The series was broadcast in France under the title Les Filles next door. It has been rebroadcast several times since its first broadcast, and is still popular with fans of the original series.

The Actors

Charlotte Rae - Madame Edna Garrett

Charlotte Rae

(Madame Edna Garrett)

George Clooney - George Burnett

George Clooney

(George Burnett)

Mackenzie Astin - Andy Moffet Stickle

Mackenzie Astin

(Andy Moffet Stickle)

Molly Ringwald - Molly Parker

Molly Ringwald

(Molly Parker)

Cloris Leachman - Beverly Ann Stickle

Cloris Leachman

(Beverly Ann Stickle)


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The stories of "funny life" were entertaining, but often touching too. The girls were faced with problems with their parents, but also others linked to death, divorce, anorexia or bulimia. They also knew the trouble to have to grow, and that was presented in a fairly realistic way.

Over the years the series has changed a lot to arrive at more than half of less players. Humor is very representative of the 70s and 80s. If an actress marked the series, it is surely Blair, the daddy's girl, a little plague on the edges, but without her the series would not be what she has become.

This series, broadcast in the United States from 1979 to 1988, can be considered the sister of "Arnold and Willy" and for good reason: we sometimes see Arnold, Willy and Virginia making appearances.

With us the series first arrived on the 5 in 1987 (for 3 seasons), then TF1 broadcast the last 2 seasons about 5 years later. Unfortunately, the seasons 4 to 7 were unfortunately never diffused and even less doubled ...

In 2001, a TV movie was broadcast in the United States, following the series. 13 years old passed and the "girls" of Mrs. Garrett grew well and succeeded in life. Blair is richer than ever (she built a hotel chain with her husband, Tad), "Tootie", who prefers to be called by her real name Dorothy, is presenter of a talk show, Natalie is a producer On television, and Jo has become a policewoman. We will regret the absence in this TV movie of Jo, the actress having embodied her in the 80s being occupied on another series at the time. This TV movie is unprecedented in France.


Filming locations:

Metromedia Square, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (1979-1982) (studio)

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