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The facts of life

The facts of life Dates : 1979 - 1988
209 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 26 Juillet 1987
Creator(s) : Jenna McMahon et Dick Clair
Producer(s) : Ils sont plusieurs
Music : Al Burton, Ray Colcord, Gloria Loring et Alan Thicke
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French Traduire


A group of girls attending a boarding school experience the joys and the trials of adolescence under the guiding hand of housemother Edna Garrett. Later in the series, Mrs. Garrett is promoted to school dietician, and four of the girls move into new quarters above the cafeteria. Eventually she leaves the school and opens her own business, with help from her girls.

The Actors

Charlotte Rae - Madame Edna Garrett

Charlotte Rae

(Madame Edna Garrett)

George Clooney - George Burnett

George Clooney

(George Burnett)

Mackenzie Astin - Andy Moffet Stickle

Mackenzie Astin

(Andy Moffet Stickle)

Molly Ringwald - Molly Parker

Molly Ringwald

(Molly Parker)

Cloris Leachman - Beverly Ann Stickle

Cloris Leachman

(Beverly Ann Stickle)

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