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The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker Dates : 1983 - 1991
85 episodes of 26 min
First broadcasting : 13 septembre 1986
Creator(s) : Cliff Markowitz
Producer(s) : Lewis Chesler, Richard Rothstein, Riff Markowitz,
Music :
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Series of anthology of fantastic or police stories presented by a mysterious traveler.

The traveler (The Hitchhiker) was an American science fiction and horror television series which was broadcast between 1983 and 1987. The series was made up of six seasons, each comprising 13 episodes. The traveler featured the character of the traveler, a mysterious and lonely vagabond who crossed the roads of the United States in a caravan in search of adventures and dangers. In each episode, the traveler met strange and mysterious characters and found himself involved in strange and sometimes disturbing situations.

The series was created by Lawrence Hertzog and produced by Stu Segall Productions. The main role of the traveler was interpreted by Canadian actor Nicholas Campbell. The series was initially broadcast on the American HBO channel before being taken up by other channels.

The traveler was a critical and commercial success, winning several prizes and appointments. The series was greeted for its dark and strange aesthetic, as well as for the interpretation of Nicholas Campbell as a traveler. Despite this, the series was canceled in 1987 due to budget problems and creative disputes between producers and the chain.

Today, the traveler is considered an icon of pop culture and continues to be appreciated by fans of science fiction and horror. The series has influenced many other works in the same genre and is considered an American television classic.



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