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The Lost Room

The Lost Room Dates : 2006 - 2006
6 episodes of 40 min
First broadcasting : 22 septembre 2007
Creator(s) : Christopher Leone et Laura Harkcom
Producer(s) : Paul Workman - Christopher Leone ET Laura Harkcom
Music :
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French Traduire


A Policeman uncovers a key while working on a murder case. The key can open every door and take him into a motel room, but if you leave there something that doesn't belong to you- it will be gone as soon as the room "restarts"... He discovers that there are objects hidden in whole the world. They don't look special, but they have special powers. When his daughter is kidnapped and he is framed for killing his partner, he must find a way to bring her back from the room, while working with different groups and men searching for all the objects. But who can he really trust when everybody goes crazy once touching the objects...


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