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The Lost Room

The Lost Room Dates : 2006 - 2006
6 episodes of 40 min
First broadcasting : 22 septembre 2007
Creator(s) : Christopher Leone et Laura Harkcom
Producer(s) : Paul Workman - Christopher Leone ET Laura Harkcom
Music :
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French Traduire


On the verge of dying, a young offender entrusts inspector Joe Miller (Peter Krause) the key to an abandoned Motel on Route 66, from which we can access any place from world.

Her seven -year -old daughter enters the room and disappears in another dimension ...

The Lost Room is an American science fiction and fantastic television series created by Leslie Bohem and produced by SCI FI Channel. The series was broadcast for the first time in 2006 and lasted a total of three episodes.

The story of The Lost Room takes place in an alternative universe where certain ordinary objects have acquired extraordinary powers. These objects, known as "objects of the lost piece", are able to cause supernatural phenomena when used in certain ways. The series follows the investigation of a private detective, Joe Miller, who tries to find the missing object of the lost play and to discover the truth about its origin and its powers.

The series was greeted by criticism for its original narration and its captivating intrigue. She was also praised for her quality distribution, which included actors such as Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies and Kevin Pollak. Despite these praise, The Lost Room was not renewed for a second season and remained a series limited to three episodes.


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